, LINC, , long intergenic non-protein coding RNA , , , ST20, , suppressor of tumorigenicity 20 , , , , , , , , _x_at, ST20, suppressor of tumorigenicity 20, , . , _at, SNHG8, small nucleolar RNA host gene (non-protein coding) 8 , _at, MAOA, monoamine oxidase A, , , ST20, suppressor of tumorigenicity 20 (ST20), transcript variant 1, mRNA, .. 12, C15orf5, chromosome 15 open reading frame 5 (C15orf5), non-coding RNA, , DMRTB1, DMRT-like family B with proline-rich C-terminal.

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All jobs from Hacker News ‘Who is hiring? (June )’ post | HNHIRING

Data and data science is core to our business, so this role will be incredibly influential in the success of the company. Bonus points if you’re good at happy customers or at SEO. Visa assistance is available. Learn more at the job descriptions: We have deep expertise and credibility in the industry we serve, great product-market fit, a strong footing with a ton of momentum, and a great handle on our software delivery.

Our ideal candidate, while having their areas of expertise, will not shy away from digging into any part: This as a great role for someone who is passionate about improving the health of vulnerable populations and is looking for an opportunity to have a meaningful impact on our company’s future. Spun out of Harvard Law School, our mission-driven funders include the U. We are looking for passionate people who want to participate in a project with cutting-edge technologies, building a revolutionary platform for creatives, designers, influencers and photographers.


We are a diverse group of people with a broad range of backgrounds, experience, and perspectives who have a lot of work to do and we’re excited to have your help to achieve our visionary goals.

MongoDB experience is helpful, but not necessary. My company TechSmart is now hiring full-stack engineers to build out our teaching-and-learning rich web application and in-browser IDE! Mixmax is the hub for all your business communications. I have a nontraditional, minimalist and cockroachy business plan that won’t appeal to everyone, but I can promise you that if I get rich you will also. You’ll work with competent people, kind people and go home at the same time every day.

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You will get great exposure as you work directly with our customers to tackle tough business challenges. We’re nimble, product-focused, and working on a multitude of interesting technical challenges across payment processing, fraud detection, scale, and predictive analytics.

I want to especially encourage the following types of people to reach out:. I’ve worked here for a few years and have very much enjoyed. If any of this appeals to you, apply st20progrming This position requires excellent technical skills, good business communication skills, excellent attention to detail and follow-up, and the ability to self-manage. We developed a tracking system that achieves sub-millimeter level precision, mobile form factor, and no line of sight requirement.


Enterprise software and outsourcing services to manage contracting, insurance licensing, securities registration, and CE compliance administration on behalf of agents and advisors. You can see all open roles here: We operate at a pretty st20porgraming scale https: If you are interested, check it out: ResearchGate is the professional network for scientists.

You can see all of our job postings and find out more st20programijg us at: The systems we build help millions of American afford their medications and bring transparency in the complicated space of pharmacy benefits. You will develop at all stages of a product lifecycle with demos, proof-of-concept, simulation, prototypes, form factors, st0programing mass production.

Stitch is a simple, powerful ETL service built for software developers. We are looking for people to join us, who share our vision to guide students towards higher education, and who want to grow with a company opening a huge market. Successful candidates will be generalists capable of working 44577 in the stack from cloud-based infrastructure services to operating system components on st20prograning.

We are a small team of 8 7 different nationalities! Global Eagle is a satellite-based provider of connectivity and media for mobility markets across air, land, and sea.

Senior Engineer, Efficiency – https: