Alan Glynn is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin. His debut novel, The Dark Fields, was released in as the hit movie Limitless, which. Limitless (Limitless, book 1) by Alan Glynn – book cover, description, publication history. Bordering on techno-thriller territory, this slick, suspenseful debut imagines a new breed of “smart drug” that produces some deadly side effects.

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Quotes from The Dark Fields. This was very similar to the movie. The story kicks in straight away and it’s written in a way that makes you really feel the effects of the drug in Eddie’s system.

The Dark Fields by Alan Glynn

My agent sent it out to various film companies before the book had even been published. Sure, there were a few parts that started to get exciting, but there was nothing in this book that kept me wanting more. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Views Read Edit View history. Usually it liitless the other way around for me.

The sudden improvement in his ability to think and do things that seemed to be beyond him before provides for an exhilarating ride as he explores the potential for this brain enhancement drug I even started tidying my room up in between reading, it had that effect. Which I could get if the initial aim was for the last supply of MDT he could get his hands on, but that wasn’t the reason.

I know this book has been made into a movie and I am more than willing to bet its a decent movie given that Robert De Niro is in it despite most reviews calling the script “uneven”. Well, if the author was going to refer to Russian mafia, he limitlwss have really called ,imitless ‘zhuliki’.


Novel writing is a glybn complex, organic process that has to be allowed to breathe and transform itself as it goes along. But when he’s implicated in the brutal murder of a high-profile artist’s wife and also linked to pharmaceutical espionage, his perfect new world unravels and the shocking truth about Aaln origin and purpose is revealed.

Can you paint before-and-after pictures? Had the movie been true to the book, I don’t think that would’ve been the case. I listen to instrumental music, jazz, soundtracks, modern classical.

Yes, which I did in Italy for five years and then back in my home town of Dublin for another seven. I was picking up on everything, but not in any heightened, druggy way.

That paradigm is where I live and breathe. Mar 05, Internet rated it really liked it. What would you do? It has some important points to make about personal responsibility where being morally reprehensible is often seen as a virtue, particularly in the business world. I have two small children and live in a small house, so helpful environments conducive to writing are hard to come by. This proves to be a mere stop-gap measure, as Alna realizes the need to limitlese a steady supply.

I suppose it was necessary for the plot and believable to the extent that arrogance can be blinding. Watch the Limitless trailer here. Although there is a lot glgnn dialogue in this book at times, which I tend to fine boring for the most part, Alan Glynn does a great job of tying it into the story to keep things interesting, which I enjoy.

Giving my disappointment with the book, I’m hoping the movie will be better.

The Dark Fields

Remember, this is the original story. English spellings and punctuation conventions — Glynn lives in Ireland — but I was also deeply impressed by the sheer amount of research the author must have done in the preparation and writing of this novel.

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The option might not have been renewed so many times, and there might not have been so many other producers waiting in the wings to pick up the rights if they became available. I saw this movie because the main character was a writer, burnt out and clueless.

Meanwhile, and while Edward mentions adverse market conditions indicating a bear marketthe viewer is never given a clear time frame for the events portrayed in the film. This page was last edited on 27 Augustat I had women coming on to me, too, and even some men I was so happy to get that first deal with a publisher that I would have accepted any terms at all. I understand the premiere had a rather unusual guest, who also did a promotional spot for the film, in which he attributes his success to the same drug used in the movie: View all 5 comments.

My experiences with book publishers so far have been uniformly positive. Of course, everything comes with a downside as Eddie starts having memory lapses, during which time he may or may not have seriously injured a person.

Later on that glnn he crashes and realizes what he has done leading him to want more. The book was originally published in and was called The Dark Fields.