The Library at Night [Alberto Manguel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Inspired by the process of creating a library for his fifteenth- century. Inspired by the process of creating a library for his fifteenth-century home near the Loire, in France, Alberto Manguel, the acclaimed writer on books and readi. If many bibliophiles will share Alberto Manguel’s assertion that the acquisition and ordering of his library has “kept me sane”, they will also.

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Review: The Library at Night by Alberto Manguel | Books | The Guardian

I guess I’ll find out when I re-read it someday. It turned out that the situation was more acute than Mrs. Imagine having his own library designed for him and in the Loire, one of the most beautiful parts of France. Books saved from destruction by the Nazis Books and forgetting. And we have developed a certain reputation in the university as a consequence. At Blackfriars, this is still the libraru.

Nevertheless, out of all the libraries portrayed in this marvellous book, it is the ancient library and latterly the modern library of Alexandria that fascinated me. For some it is a place of order, where the co-ordinates of mangufl are drawn up….

The Library at Night – Canada. And this, from Manguel, will be my credo: Ia para um canto para estar em paz e, depois, tinha uma hora para o ler. But Alberto Mangruel now he The library in which I have at long last collected my books began life as a barn sometime in the tge century, perched on a small hill south of the Loire.


Sir Thomas Browne being inspired by death. I shuffle them off to bookstores to trade for more books or I simply give them nighht the local library. And here the distinction between the book enthroned and the book read comes again into play. It is imperative that I state you should dismiss my ratings when it comes to Manguel.

The Library at Night – Alberto Manguel

I am, dare I say, a renaissance reader. It is how we see the library. So much has been named, so much will continue to be named, that in spite of our lbirary we will not give up this small miracle that allows the ghost of an understanding.

Refresh and try again. The problem always arises — which direction to take? Our modus vivendi is that I do it my way and they spend any additional effort necessary to do it their way. The building—in the shape of a massive disc inclined toward the Mediterranean—evokes the image of the Egyptian sun illuminating the world. View all 4 comments. It’s fascinating reading if you’re interested in these things.

It may be that there is no book, however well written, that can remove an ounce of pain from the tragedy of Iraq or Rwanda, but it may also be that there is no book, however foully written, that does not allow an epiphany for its destined reader. I have supervised a small collegiate academic niggt at the University of Oxford for the last 10 years.

All that counts is what is currently displayed — it is constantly in the present. In this book, Manuel takes the reader on a tour of that which they already know.

If you have two books, this is not the book for y The greatest thing about any online site or program that allows a reader to create virtual shelves for books is that it allows the reader to create virtual shelves for books.


Trivia About The Library at Night. The first person blamed for the destruction of the Library is none other than Julius Lobrary himself.

Old School Tobias Wolff. Still, as a general but also very personal library-tour-book it is certainly worthwhile, and offers sufficient rewards for anyone who is bookishly inclined.

The Library at Night by Alberto Manguel

View all 8 comments. Thankfully, this dreamscape is subject to recall, since it is all written down. All of the approximately 2 million cards were shipped by air to South Korea where a small army of data entry clerks who neither read nor spoke English completed a virtually flawless electronic transcription.

Among the libraries he lingers over is, unsurprisingly, that of Aby Warburg: Books by Nigjt Manguel. Videos About This Book.

I have artwork in my library at home as well as I did not want to hight solid walls of books even though it was difficult giving up space that could shelve more books. Please update your billing information.

The romantic librarian

People began talking excitedly and it transpired that they were heading to Alexandra for discussions on the new library. The world’s oldest surviving book, a woodblock-printed version of The Diamond Sutra, is made in China. One wall of my library. These classifications have become sharper over the years but no one has challenged me yet.

Return to Book Page. It is, in this way, like a library itself.