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Very nice ittaliani about tattoos parents dedicate to their children. This obviously makes the process longer, although less painful. Many thanks to the journalist for having considered me for her article: What can I say, he had definitely done his homework and he had done it well: After careful deliberation the customer decided that it was worth it.

Manulibera: tatuaggi giapponesi a Milano

This is why I decided to name this piece “Libera nos a malo” Deliver us from evil in Latin. I was hoping to have a couple of additional hours but when we began working on his chest, a definitely painful area, I expected the client’s resistance to falter. Fantastic news if it weren’t for what he asked me to accomplish.

The creation of this sleeve turned out to be pretty fast.

Tattooing A to Z: the Tattoo Portraits Collection | Tattoo Life

Home Italian Tattoo Artists Yearbook I find black and grey to be much faster than colour, but being a back piece it’s still a great time. So at this early stage we wasted a little time due to my “naivite” and optimism. But this client, like others, had already decided it had to be me. Thanks to the zoom I literally “slipped” into the image modifying it down to the very last detail, losing endless hours choosing between a more pointed or rounded canine, the length and height of the eyebrows, the folds of the face or the shape of the tongue, down to the hidden spaces between the gums.


Integrating new subjects in a finished piece is not always as simple as it seems.

This caused me considerable doubts. To those who contact an artist they consider extremely talented asking him to do a third-rate lettering I have something to ask: Once again I’ve been featured in TrueArtists.

The woman in the background on the inner arm represents the need for love and tenderness shared by every man, young or old: In December he asked me to tattoo his other arm taking up the same space of the first one. The tray with the teapot and cups represent friendship, and the entire scene takes place at night because according to him it makes everything seem more fascinating and mysterious.

Today I got the chance to iyaliani some pictures and do a short video of a piece I finished over one year ago. Recommended Products Check items to add to the cart or select all.

Beh, durante la mia carriera ho eseguito tanti lavori di grande dimensione, ma finora un solo body suit. Click on images to enlarge, then navigate using arrow keys or swipe on mobile.

Tattooing A to Z #16: Gian Maurizio Fercioni

Pact that turned into nothing. Credit goes to this guy for his perseverance and for the way he has managed to undergo each session without complaining, in fact, we often got to enjoy long chats and have some good laughs. A behavioral pattern similar to the one that motivates them to buy a designer dress or a pair of trendy shoes. Now put yourself in my shoes in front of a client with these precedents.

In my opinion he would have had a fake Japanese, hence the title of the work. After doing two sleeves of which I was proud, I couldn’t understand how he could think I would be willing to copy someone else’s horrible tattoo, and even less how he could even want to tattoo an important part of his body such as the back with that stuff, that besides not having anything to do with the other tattoos he was “wearing” was definitely of poor quality. Perhaps, if we had spent less time talking and fooling around we would have been able to work a few more hours during each session reducing the overall completion time.


E cosa intendi esattamente con una definizione del genere? When it comes to large cover-ups I always intervene freehand drawing the design directly on the client’s skin with markers. Since then he has worked as art director and costume designer for the most important Opera theatres of Europe and for many films. Despite us both being very eager to start, it seemed that fate had something to say. Simone Sacco was born inthe year NYC punk rock broke out.

#karlmomo Instagram – Photo and video on Instagram

The following season, in springhe returned once again and this time he wanted to extend the tattoo to his middle forearm. I’m pretty sure I could finish the italani octopus in the next sitting and the background in the following one.

Unfortunately New Zealand is a little out of the way for me to go back to do a couple of touch-ups and take some pictures: D I was confident, however, that I could meet his expectations and, as I almost always do for my biomechanicals, I drew the design directly on his skin.