Noted from – SQUARE FOOTAGE–METHOD FOR CALCULATING: ANSI Z DOWNLOAD A COPY, Click Here. To claim adherence to this standard, the . American National Standards Institute is a premier source for timely, relevant, actionable information on national, regional, international standards and. ANSI Z, Single-Family Residential Buildings – Square Footage – Method for Calculating, suggests measuring and multiplying the.

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This portion of the treads exceeding the stairwell is not included in the second floor calculation, only that portion that fills the well. Finished Areas Adjacent to Unfinished Areas Where finished and unfinished areas are adjacent on the same level, the finished square footage is calculated by measuring to the exterior edge or unfinished surface of any interior partition between the areas.

Again, how would an appraiser know if a comparable only had 18 feet wide living area on the second floor if they had not inspected the interior of the comparable sale? Thus, detached buildings such as storage sheds, guest houses, pool houses, etc. Per AccuCoverage insurance agencyLiving Area is: ANSI indicates that where finished areas are adjacent to unfinished areas, the finished square footage is calculated by measuring to the exterior edge or unfinished surface of any interior partition between the areas.

Condominium measurement will be discussed at the end of this section. Further, the roof must have finished ceiling. The width on the second floor may be 20 feet. Per ANSI, finished area square footage is the sum of the area on each level. The base must be a solid base, not gravel. Length X Width X 2 The next example contains open floor area to the floor below. From annsi practical standpoint, this indicates that an addition to a house with excellent quality finishes should have similar quality finishes.

So while Fannie Mae guidelines would include open area such as the stair anwi and cathedral znsi over living room, in their determination of GLA, ANSI standards does not.

The standard provides a uniform method of measuring and consistent defined terms. A fireplace that is situated in a corner of the house is included I the living area, as long as it does not protrude from the exterior wall.

Examples would include a garage apartment accessed through the garage, a game room accessed from the exterior only but under the contiguous roof with the house, a home office accessed through a carport or garage, etc. Declaration 2 must be made when the area is based upon plans. ANSI states the measurement of such areas is also based upon a linear measure of the exterior finished surface of the house to the outer edge of the floor surface area or exterior surfaces.


This area must be identified separately. In other words, the interior has finished floors, walls, and ceiling.

Thus, if a house is constructed with central air and heat, then an addition with a window unit is substandard. For instance, a townhouse adjoining ahsi townhouse has a common wall.


As a practical application, this means that interior dimensions are often relied upon, with conversion to exterior dimensions for consistency with ANSI. The acceptance of this as the measurement standard is evidenced by the groups that participated in its creation, including NAR, along with other professional, governmental and quasi-governmental agencies.

Garage Z76 the ANSI measurement standard is a uniform standard that addresses construction types in various geographic areas, some of the local standards must be considered. You can see from the definitions z75, one of the primary problems is in the inconsistency of where to measure: That is not to say, if the appraiser is aware of an inconsistency or unique property, they are not to take it into consideration.

The ANSI Z765 standard for calculating square footage.

The requirement is that the roof is contiguous and finished to the like and quality of the rest of the house. For example, when one searches for definitions of living area, several different definitions appear along with a combination of qualifiers. Area constructed for storage of automobiles or other vehicles. The size of a home in square feet based upon the exterior dimensions. Yet we know that some homes may have been finished off to accommodate 6 feet of living area, creating additional eve storage but reducing living area.

Many listing systems do not provide for a term to classify this non-contiguous area under the main roof, but agree that it cannot be considered Living Area due to access. A partial listing or organizations represented on the initial committee is as follows: Total area of finished, above-grade residential space; calculated by measuring the outside perimeter of the structure and includes only finished habitable, above-grade living space.

Perimeter Length X Width X 2 — Length X Width of floor opening Fireplaces, Bay Windows and other Protrusions In order to be considered part of the finished and unfinished area of a level, the area must have a floor on the same level.

Declaration 1 must be made when the interior of the structure was not inspected. Detached single-family houses Attached single-family houses The ANSI standard does not establish measurement standards for other property types, including condominiums. However, the area of both stair treads and landings proceeding to the floor below is included in the finished area of the floor from which the stairs descend, not to exceed the area of the opening in the floor.


The ANSI standard was created initially inrevised in For a partition that separates a finished area from an unfinished area, with no finished walls on the unfinished side, the measurement of finished area extends to the partition closest to the unfinished area — usually a wood stud or other framing member.

Further, soffit is not considered finished ceiling. This means that some rounding to the closest inch or tenth is allowed in the linear dimensions. Real Estate Agents and Brokers are subject to the requirements of various professional boards; appraisers are subject to the guidelines of their users such as FHA, VA, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; architects are subject to their professional requirements; property managers subject to their specific requirements; home builders are subject to their specific requirements; etc.

A house with a protruding window that does not come up from the base is not included in the area calculation, regardless of ceiling height.

Examples of this occur in many houses with exterior accessed storage rooms wnsi garages. ANSI also describes such a case when physical access to the structure is not possible due to the nature of the terrain or other obstacles that may preclude direct physical measurement of the exterior in the time available.

While not all licensees utilize such systems to list property, it is a very common practice to use the information provided in these systems as a resource in the marketplace.

However, in such instances, he or she must explain the reason for the deviation and clearly describe the comparisons that were made.

Even with the qualifiers in place, the definitions vary. The market definition indicates a requirement for heating and cooling in order to be considered living area. Placement of an area in the storage classification does not indicate minimal value. If such a category is included, classification of space requires base and primary roof.

Our market standard in Louisiana will be addressed in the Measurement Procedure section of this presentation. Finished areas that are not connected to the house in such a manner cannot be included in the finished square footage of any level.

However, in a multi-family residence there maybe common areas that would not be considered living areas, but part of the size of the structure.