Docbook is easy to learn, easy to write, and does things other text Then you process file with Apache FOP, a Java application that. You should also take a look at the information about SVG support in FOP at the apache website: Bob Stayton. Apache™ FOP: General questions¶. What is Apache™ FOP?¶; .. Older DocBook style sheets generate fo:table-with-caption elements, so watch out.

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docbook-apps message

This is particularly pertinent if you study at The University Of Birmingham because any documentation created by me there in DocBook uses this customisation layer, all the tutorials I have written conform to these stylesheets.

Note The output produced in the following examples was produced using a customisation of the stylesheets hence output on systems not implementing the same customisations may differ.

It is highly recommended that you not use version 0. This section will detail how to install the tools required to validate and process XML DocBook documents. The reference page for the para element can be found here: Create a suitable directory to contain the stuff that is about to be extracted.

You should never turn on the extensions for a processor you are not using, or you will likely get a lot of error messages from the XSL-FO processor that does not understand the extra code. The reference page for mediaobject is at http: Use the stylesheet parameter fop1. I have created a customisation layer which looks good enough for standard applications and am offering it to download. And this And this And this. Some older versions are available in the directory oldreleases on that server, should one desire them.

The commercial processors are assumed to provide their own documentation and support, so installation instructions for commercial processors are not provided in this book.


One can use the –loaddtd option to specify an external DTD to validate the file with. This will produce output as an XSL FO Formatting objectthis is an intermediate file type that can be used by other programs to generate other types of output, socbook as PDF.

From DocBook to PDF using Apache FOP | Goran Jurić

I will not go into details on validating DocBoox syntax, but it is recommended that you validate your files because I guess it is faster than invoking Apache FOP to generate you PDF and realising that somewhere at the end of your documentation there is a syntax error.

There are two elements used for placing tables inside a DocBook document, table and informaltablethe only difference between the former and the latter is that the former requires a title and the latter does not. The output produced in the following examples was produced using a customisation of the stylesheets hence output on systems not implementing the same customisations may differ.

More spache about customising stylesheets can be found at http: Since the Apache FOP will probably complain about hyphenation, grab the hyphenation patterns and copy the jar file fop-hyph. You can change what the message says in a customization layeror you could define dobook as an empty template there to turn off the message entirely.

There are gzipped tars and RPMs available, download whichever you prefer. Download the zipped archive, http: The figure contains a mediaobject element which can occur on it’s own too and may contain audioobjectcaptionimageobjectobjectinfo apadhe, textobject and videoobject elements.

It is probably worth downloading the customisation layer anyway so you can see how one goes about creating a customisation layer. Apqche is distributed as a zip file, which can be opened on almost all systems. Boil water Put tomatoes paache onions in Blanch for 5 minutes. The problems is that these fonts do not have support for all the characters you are probably using if your are converting a document that is not written in English.


That extra code is understood only by a specific processor, so this feature is controlled by stylesheet parameters. To download FOP, go to http: A software framework that allows software components to work together.

They vomit their gall and call it a newspaper. This XML file is the one you want to edit doocbook you want to change the output strings used for creation of the PDF document. Linux users can also download a gzipped tar file. Put the following content into it:.

The tools that will be installed are; a bunch of tools and libraries called ‘libxml’, Saxon and FOP. The tools provide the means to validate and transform XML files. Some provide extension elements and processing instructions to enable features that are focbook covered in the XSL-FO 1. If you are processing languages other than English, then you need to download an additional file named fop-hyph.

How the PDF is created

Since I do not like to repeat myself I wanted a system that is capable of generating apacge in variety of formats, PDF being the most important one. Although most people will run FOP using its included convenience scripts, it is useful to know where the files are. If you are using Antenna House’s product, then set the axf.

You might have noticed on the webpage or in the zip, other files apart from DTD files, these are auxiliary files and are necessary.