Microcontroller Instruction Set. For interrupt response time information, refer to the hardware description chapter. Note: 1. Operations on SFR byte address. The instruction set is optimized for 8-bit control applications. It provides a variety of fast addressing modes for accessing the internal RAM to facilitate byte. Instructions. has about instructions. These can be grouped into the following categories. Arithmetic Instructions; Logical Instructions; Data.

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Register select 1, RS1.

NPTEL :: Electronics & Communication Engineering – Microcontrollers and Applications

This made them more suitable for battery-powered devices. ANL Adata. Some derivatives integrate a digital signal processor DSP. One feature of the core is the inclusion of a boolean processing engine which allows bit -level boolean logic operations to be carried out directly and efficiently on select internal registersports and select RAM locations.

One of the reasons for the ‘s popularity is its range of operations on single bits. They were identical except for the non-volatile memory type. Instructions are all 1 to 3 bytes long, consisting of an initial opcode byte, followed by up to 2 bytes of operands. A method is then shown by which the AT89C51 JZ offset jump if zero.

This article is based on material taken from the Free On-line Dictionary of Computing prior to 1 November and incorporated under the “relicensing” terms of the GFDL inwtruction, version 1. The MCS has four distinct types of memory — internal RAM, special function registers, program memory, and external data memory.


Intel MCS-51

CJNE Adata,offset. RRC A rotate right through carry. RLC A rotate left through carry. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. As a conclusion, the architecture has not been altered, because the way in which the memory is connected to the processor follows the same principle defined in the basic architecture. The programmer is controlled by software running on the host.

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MOV bitC. Set when banks at 0x08 or 0x18 are in use. Intel discontinued its MCS product line in March ; [23] [24] however, there are plenty of enhanced products or at89c1 intellectual property added regularly from other vendors. The lower addresses may reside onchip. More than 20 independent manufacturers produce MCS compatible processors. That means an compatible processor can now execute million instructions per second.

Intel MCS – Wikipedia

A vendor might sell an as an for any number of reasons, such as faulty code in the ‘s ROM, or simply an oversupply of s and undersupply of s. Since data could be in one of three memory spaces, a mechanism is usually provided to allow determining to which memory a pointer refers, either by constraining istruction pointer type to include the memory space, or by storing metadata with the pointer.


The programmer consists of a instructipn unit and. The operations specified by the most significant nibble are as follows.

The software for this application may be.

Although the ‘s architecture is different to the traditional definition of this architecture; the buses to access both types of memory are the same; only the data bus, the address bus, and the control bus leave the processor. Retrieved 11 October The on-chip Flash allows the program memory to be reprogrammed in-system or by aeffective solution to many embedded control applications.

May be read and written by software; not otherwise affected by hardware.

The MCS family srt also discontinued by Intel, but is widely available instruchion binary compatible and partly enhanced variants. Guidelines for the addition of in-circuit programmability to AT89C51 applications are presented along with an application example and the modifications to it required to support in-circuit programming. Design improvements have increased performance while retaining compatibility with the original MCS 51 instruction set. The only register on an that is not memory-mapped is the bit program counter PC.