Interview with Aukai Collins, whose book, My Jihad, describes his conversion to Islam and experiences as American Muslim fighting against. MY JIHAD: An American Mujahid’s Amazing Experiences in the World of Jihad, Bin Laden’s Training Camps, and the Aukai Collins, Author. by. Aukai Collins. · Rating details · ratings · 26 reviews. My Jihad is the personal story about the biggest threat to world peace and stability in our.

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Aukai Collins

That was easy, I thought; at the time I didn’t know that Kashmir was also known as the “one-way jihad. The camp had about fifteen men, and everyone except those on guard duty sat down in the lounge area.

Instead of risking a conflict with India, the Pakistani ISI Inter-Services Intelligence would allow mujahideen to operate freely in this region and defend against any possible Sikh attacks.

VERY interesting first-hand account of an American convert that joins the jihad in Chechnya, then later grows disillusioned by those who kill innocents and starts helping U. To my surprise, somebody was actually waiting for me when I left the airport.

Every day, the mujahideen took me out to see the city, where we had a good time. Apa karena penerjemahnya sampai lima orang sekaligus? The Harakat-ul Jihad office didn’t know what to do; after much discussion I managed to persuade them to take me to the hospital, where the doctors wouldn’t touch me until I’d paid them.

As terrorist attacks on civilians around the world intensified, Aukai was asked to lead a mission that included hostage taking and the killing of civilians — something he would not do. I was napping after the morning prayer when the headmaster motioned for me to follow him to a Toyota pickup in the schoolyard.

As I was debating whether or not to grab the AK leaning against the wall, the door opened and the old man from outside strolled in.

Menjadi menarik ketika penulis akhirnya berada disisi lain, dimana dia menjadi bagian dari mereka yg berusaha menghentikan pergerakan para mujahidin dengan dalih keamanan dunia dan memerangi terorisme.

The border post back down the riverbed was clearly visible. I’m sure still have my paperback copy of this lying around somewhere. However, I did have an address for my contacts’ mosque, so I took a cab there. It was supposed to be a sort of war cry, but they sounded like a pack of braying donkeys with a flock of cawing crows.


Aukai Collins (Author of My Jihad)

The taxi driver rang the bell at the gate of the house, and a bearded man came out. Not only had the United States refused to help the Bosnians, but we had placed an arms embargo on them as well.

Jul 15, Kane Tews rated it really liked it. Yet his greatest strength — providing insight into the problems surrounding the U. Behind the Mask How well do you understand jihad?

I expected them to start shooting at us, but they just kept trying to catch up. Once, I almost had an opportunity to enter Kashmir with a group of mujahideen.

We decided to try a different crossing in the morning, but after our talk the two African-American Muslims went off to use a phone, and when they came back they said their boss had called mh back to Islamabad.

One of the soldiers spoke English better than my translator from Islamabad, and he fielded questions from everyone. The headmaster indicated that I should sit all the way in the front of the bed, next to the cab.

Sep 19, Daniel Burton-Rose rated it liked it Shelves: This led him to Usama bin Laden’s training camps in Afghanistan. It was late at night and all I had was the address for the Harakat-ul Jihad office, so I hailed a taxi. During the next few days Commander Khalid put me in a loose class, where we learned about the AK and other light arms.

The older man was running hunched over in front of me when jihd of a sudden he stopped and looked at me as if he’d just had a brilliant idea. He stopped and asked a passerby, who also didn’t seem to know the location of Harakat-ul Jihad.

Despite the ominous greeting at the border, our driver jiihad to have good contacts, and we were able to pass through the checkpoint without any problems. Yet his mmy strength — providing insight into the problems surrounding the U. As usual, no one jihax waiting for me at the airport. An eye-opening look into the mind and heart of an American Muslim and his dedication to jihad.


Some is very doubtful. They had AKs and a PKM light machine gun, and one of the guys auiai had an RPG rocket-propelled grenade launcherwhich he fired off toward the top of the mountain. These are the traditional knee-length-shirt-and-pants combinations that men wear in that part of the world.

The prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, said that follins a Muslim dies without making jihad, or at least having had the intentions to make it, then he dies with a form of hypocrisy in his heart. As I boarded the plane I looked back and saw him smiling at me.

KK-FORUM: xymfora om “The book “My Jihad ()”

colllins I followed the older man as he scrambled over the bank and down the other side. Di luar itu, dalam buku ini tidak berusaha menjelaskan konsep tentang jihad itu sendiri secara lebih detail. As the commander raised his stump, his assistant started to sing.

Small rivers and waterfalls were everywhere. Lists with This Book. I will forever respect and appreciate this book for enlightening me to ky depths of these issues that are portrayed so one dimensionally in our media. The older man jumped out and motioned for me to follow him. The old tribal leader from the day before had better be hanging out in front of the police station again today.

The Indian army would occasionally send Sikh commandos across the border to harass and kill the local civilians. After a few minutes he hissed something to one of his men, who in turn motioned for me to follow him back to the Suburban. My Jihad versi Indonesia yang saya baca Collins, mg, converted to Islam while serving time as a teenager in a California prison for attempted robbery. Feb 20, Jerry rated it really liked it.

He gave me an AK and a utility belt and called someone over to translate something in Urdu: