Does anyone have or know where I might find a manual for a Azden PCSH 6 meter? Thank you. WY. wAALIM. AZDEN. 2m FM TRANSCEIVER. PCSOCH). INSTRUCTION MANUAL Unpack your PCS(H) carefully and make sure that it is supplied . This is the manual page for Azden. Here you will find instruction manuals, service manuals, user guides PCS Instruction , Kbytes.

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Display window bar graph, number of bars illuminated for 50W TX output: Add Your Answer Tips for a great answer: Azren means that I can’t transfer videos from the 8mm cassettes to a DVD disk.

Azden PCSH Specifications |

With all these quirks to write about, you may get the idea that I really don’t like the Azden. Sep 06, Aiptek Cameras. I was manuao to using 30 milliseconds mS or less in packet switching, but this is too fast for a relay.

Azdan did provide me with an updated sheet entitled, ” Error in Azden PCSH Instruction Manual” which does describe how to use a Pl tone in the “Direct” mode, but the procedure is so complicated it couldn’t possibly be performed while driving.

This procedure is required to get each setting pregrammed in and then to get out of the programming mode. Azden was surprised to hear this, and immediately shipped a new microphone, thinking that was likely to be the problem. And if you depress the “up” or “down” button more than momentarily, the rig begins scann ing through the memory channels very quickly, much too fast to stop on the channel of your choice.

Thus, even if they are on the same frequency, you might not get any audio or the audio might sound quite funny. I’d recommend more like mS for a relay-operated rig. Th leads on lhese devices have been lfimmed to 0. Ask a Question Usually answered in minutes! I do azsen the rig, but it took more getting used to than it should have.


In Azden’s defense, however. The only way to go from. Includes mounting ha rdwa’ There’s a ton of them like these Passive Direct Boxes And see if orienting the mic at a different angle.

That is, the CTCSS pcs-75000h, of which axden are 38 in common use, are not actually displayed by the Azden during the Pl selection process. The Azden is unique in that it only stores the memory data when you turn the rig off, and then back on.

Azden pcs-7500H

I must admit that many modern FM mobile rigs still don’t contain this feature. The Technical Side One thing I like a lot is that Azden provides “lull-sized” schematic diagrams for thei r rigs. Please enter a valid email address. This makes the resolution extremely good for weak signal beam peaking. I al so like the built-in heat-sink fan in the PCSHIt a ctivates after a few minutes of continuous transmission at norma l ro om temperature a nd helps m aintain a “coot-totne-toucn” heat sink, undoubtedly pro longing the operating lite of the final amplifier stage.

I also like the connectorized power cable, whid1 uses a n automotive-style molded connector set aaden has also proven its reliability in years 01 service.

In terms of performance, the Azden is an impressive package. According to the FCC website on wirelss mics no.

Be sure to turn off the power when you have completed programming. Most aren’t meaningful, but I started 10 proolr ea d the man ual in sea rc h o f erro r s a n d stopped w hen I found a d ozen by the fourth page. Not that I would expect ,anual final to fail; manuak people at Azden assured me they’ve never seen one fail yet. But for an affordable, single-band 6 meter FM rig, it’s almost the only game in town.


To quote from the manual, “Note: If the hum is from line pickup, it should be 60hz or hz. If not you are going to have to go with what you can find. If you are connecting to a line powered device, you might want to try a direct azven isolation box.

Th ree AC and three DC vol! Darned if I know why not. The 9th and 10th “bar” in the bar graph display illuminate together. Instead, tones are selected and displayed by two -digit codes which might only be memorized by The Amazing Kreskin. THIS is the one I use. They must have shipped the new mike the day Ppcs-7500h called them on the telephone, because I received it the next day, 3, miles away! It’s worth a thousand words. What can I do janual get the DVR to recognize my camera?

Not uncommon for FM receivers.

More Print this page Share this page. A Zd en Corporation is the only manufactur- er of mon oband mobile FM tran sceivers for all the popular bands from 28 through MHz and really has a corner on the ma rkel for 6 and 10 meier FM rigs. And the ori ginal PCS -7 manual contains mistakes and typographical errors.

Are you a Video Adzen Expert? There ‘s not a lot of packet activity on six anyway, but if you really wanted to, you could ho me-brew a PIN diode modification fairly easily.