The Barotseland Agreement of recognised the Litunga of Barotseland ( Bulozi) for the restoration of the Barotseland Agreement for over four decades. This Agreement is made this eighteenth day of May, between KENNETH DAVID KAUNDA, Prime Minister of Northern Rhodesia of the. Barotseland Agreement of no longer an issue-Kambwili ยท Sondashi Lungu to meet barotseland activists to resolve Barotse Agreement.

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Ina group of traditional Lozi leaders, calling itself the Barotseland National Council, called for independence; other tribal chieftains oppose secession, however.

Barotseland kingdom seeks to leave Zambia – BBC News

Please, this is a non starter. Implementation The Government of the Republic of Zambia shall take such steps as may be necessary to ensure that the laws for the time being in force in the Republic are not inconsistent with the provisions of this Agreement.

Concerned nationals, civic and church organizations, scholars, lawyers, political leaders and analysts from all corners of the country and in the diaspora raised issues and concerns: Hmmmmm this is shocking.

History cannot be changed. Engaging the BRE and Lozi people on this issue will save Zambia the pain of further 164 this stance of shooting people or using strong police presence is setting the stage for some really bad things.

Having regard to the aforementioned, the people of Barotseland are within their rights, as supported by international law, to secure their inalienable rights of self-determination and freedom. Zambia Social Science Journal. Are we sure this was the final document.

The BNG delegation had to be hastily brought in for the independence talks to progress. Some issues raised in the agreement may have been diluted by the local govt ammendments some legal mind can help here.


Full Barotseland agreement of 1964

Some groups among the Lozi activists have been lobbying for the restoration of the Barotseland Agreement for over four decades. I agreeemnt almost beginning to think that we are being unfair to our Lozi friends aspirations to have Barotseland as a separate country. But, the question is: What do our Lozi brothers oof sister want? The traditional constitutional monarchy of Barotseland has Nilotic origins [ clarification needed ] with the kingdom originally divided into north and south.

Mr Capitalist put this thing.

Signed by the Right Honourable Duncan Sandys in the presence of: Shuwanga Shuwanga went on to also reveal how the Linyungandambo had refused to work with the BFM back in Dec 19, at 4: At last, the most important for document for mother Zambia is revealed to the public. Retrieved 8 November Anyhow, Mr Litungu makes a compelling case for himself though not one which I find factual in all respects. Eventually the Government set up a Commission to adjudicate, and the Barotse lost.

Mwa tende shiwahe by producing this article so that both sides bqrotse the argument can be discussed openly. Overall, there is nothing that can not be resolved without sitting down to reason. The sticking point at areement talks was what to do with the document. In any case what is so wrong with re-visting our past if we have nothing to hide?

UNPO: Barotseland: Reflections on Independence Talks and Need for New Generations to Speak Up

One Zambia One nation agrdement it all. Hakuna taba ya mubu ye kona ku zwa mwa likuta ze nyinyani ze bizwa Barotse Native Courts ka buipelezo ku ya mwa High Court li si ka fita mwa Saa-Sikalo. But the issue that you have to knw is that before that Barotseland waz a separated state. The Barotseland Agreement of recognised the Litunga of Barotseland Bulozi as the principal local authority for the government and administration of Barotseland, with powers to make laws of Barotseland in respect to matters such as land, natural resources and taxation.


That is why no school in zambia is allowed barotze teach about it. No need to politicise the issue.

The first elections under universal adult suffrage were held in and the agredment one for Barotse National Council otherwise referred to as the Katengo Legislative Council was held in This applies to every province in Zambia.

Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations.

Barotseland kingdom seeks to leave Zambia

The world needs intellectuals to bring out truths in small bites for the rest of us to understand. The first trade concession was signed on 27 June with Harry Ware, in return King Lewanika and his kingdom were to be protected.

And just as Prof: Financial responsibility means that Barotseland should be developed by the government just like any other part of Zambia. Home work find out, you are used to be fed.