Betriebsbedingung/P. Betriebsbereich/EPS. Betriebsbereitschaft. Betriebsbeschreibung/P. Betriebsbuchhalter. Betriebsdaten. Betriebsdatenerfassung. Dienstverhältnis/Q Dienstvertrag/STp Dienstvorgesetzten Dienstvorschrift/P Dienstwagen/S Dienstweg/EPT Dienstwohnung. Juli at: . dieser dem Angebot eine kurze Betriebsbeschreibung beifügen, aus.

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Seite Direkt an der Anlage angebrachte Hinweise wie z. Die rote Meldeleuchte leuchtet. Figures A and B at the end of these instructions show the possible connections: A current- or voltage-operated earth-leakage circuit breaker can be used as extra protection. Single-head pumps are fitted with a standard module in the terminal box. Switch bstriebsbeschreibung the mains switch.

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Fault or operating indication for twin-head pumps in standby operation: Die Motoren laufen unter diesen Bedingungen ohne Probleme und ohne thermische Abschaltung.

In the case of single-pump operation, the selector switch must be set to either fault or operating indication. Leuchtet Leuchtet Die Versorgungsspannung ist eingeschaltet. Die Funktion der Meldeleuchten und des Betriebsgeschreibung geht aus der nachstehenden Tabelle hervor.

Electrical connection The electrical betriebebeschreibung and protection should be carried out in accordance with local regulations. The pump performance is too low. Leuchtet Leuch- Die Versorgungsspannung ist tet nicht eingeschaltet.


The green indicator light is on. Norm, die verwendet wurde: The pumps operate independently of each other. Systemdruck Der Systemdruck ist den Pumpenflanschen zu entnehmen.

UPS серии 200

Figure H shows a single-phase pump in alternating operation with external fault indication if pump 2 or both pumps are faulty.

Before removing the terminal box cover, make sure that the electricity supply has been switched off and that it cannot be accidentally switched on. One pump operates constantly as duty betriebsbesvhreibung and the other brw as standby pump. Switch off the electricity supply to the pump by means of the external mains switch. The current consumption at the individual speeds is stated on the pump nameplate.

Fault or operating indication for twin-head pumps in alternating operation: Die Pumpen sind werkseitig auf Wechselbetrieb eingestellt, d.

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The pumps can also be used in domestic hot-water systems. Klonowa 23 Baranowo k. Technical data The speed switch in the terminal box can be turned to three positions.

Start-up Do not start the pump until the system has been filled with liquid and vented. The pump is running with wrong direction of rotation. Reservebetrieb mit Pumpe 1 als Betriebspumpe und Pumpe 2 als Reservepumpe.


The pump is running. Luft in der Pumpe. The operating voltage and frequency are marked on the pump nameplate. Make sure that the motor is suitable for the electricity supply on which it will be used. The pumps operate alternately as duty and standby pump. In case such waste collection service does not exist or cannot handle the materials used in the product, please deliver the product or any hazardous materials from it to your nearest GRUNDFOS company or service workshop.

The pump will restart automatically when it has cooled to normal temperature. The speed in the three positions appears from the table below: External mains switch switched off.

On On The electricity supply has been switched on. The pumps must be set individually and connected separately to the mains as shown in figs. Check fuses and connections. Remove the four screws holding the pump head. Verwendungszweck TM00 betribsbeschreibung.