Mind magic from Bill Dekel – Only three of them need anything tangible, and only one requires writing; the rest can be performed naked. Combat with your. This may just turn out to be the trick of ” – Jim Klodzen. Bill Dekel is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Bill Dekel and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world.

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Link — The mind reader establishes a mental link with the spectator allowing him to hear some of their thoughts and demonstrates power. This method can be used to choose the row or word on a row in book tests as well in order to enhance it.

MindCraft: Psionics

Psychic Psychopath — A dark mind game wherein you detect yet to be thought of emotions. A collection of effects that deal directly with thoughts. I first came up with MMD after some hours of thinking about how I could name a number that someone had written in the air.

They open an invisible book to any page, remember any word on the page, and you were right. Only three of them need anything tangible, and only one requires writing; the rest can be performed naked.

His powerful acting abilities that enable him to make the impossible real, no matter how larger the scale, and to relate it to dfkel one of his spectators in a personable, way, often linking it with a story.


Joel Dickinson – Code Break [S] – $ : Promotion

Please leave your email after payment. Sekel will promptly address your feedback. Discovering a spectator’s Birthday through an elaborate process where in she never writes or names either the month or day she was born on. The greater the risk the more reward. Welcome to true mind reading. This, as well as almost every effect in Direct can be used over the phone.

Any book, any page, any time. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

Still other words you can force with prime. That said, it is incredibly simple and easy, with only a few trials with friends needed as practice to learn.

Air Writer

You have to have some audience management skills; that is, your spectator has to follow your directions explicitly; otherwise, you have big problems. As Timon noted, it can be used with virtually any list your spectator can come up with as well. I thought out half a dozen ideas, but threw each of them out; none of them were simple or clean enough. Imagine what it would be like if psychological forces always worked.

ddkel I then showed him the faces of all of the cards to show that his card had never been in the deck. We will promptly address your feedback. This is one of these propless concepts that the top UK mentalists are so good at, something that takes practice and care in performance. A blank index card catches their thought.


Then you show your hand, followed by your spectator a second later. Magicians View the range. Bend the wills of even the largest of audiences to your own. Take your spectator on a global adventure that exists only in their deksl.

If there is a PS4, this deserves a chapter in it. Slip a ring on the finger of a spectator and give them the power of intuition. Accessories View the range. If you are paying to our WorldPay bank you MUST include the Unique Payment Reference Number you will receive this directly after paying the order in the description section when completing payment to help ddkel identify your order.

A powerful reading system vekel deals primarily with a client’s subconscious.

Lybrary: Bill Dekel

Only three of them need anything tangible, and only one requires writing; the rest can be performed naked. A psychological card force using Prime, with an incredible hit rate. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

What’s New View the range.