THEY ARE THE ONE PERCENT. In Wyoming, a little girl reads people’s darkest secrets by the way they fold their arms. In New York, a man sensing patterns in. Written In Fire The Conclusion to the bestselling. Brilliance Trilogy. ON SALE NOW! logo-amazon logo-barnes-noble indieBoundx51p. Brilliance by Marcus Sakey. Brilliance book cover. logo Amazon. com logo. Rating / A thoroughly enjoyable book that explored the problems .

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Because of the plot and setup, it drawn comparison to the X-Men and other such superhero fare. After another massive bombing – which kills over a thousand people – Nick makes a hush-hush deal with his supervisor, Drew Peters. Saakey, Cooper is forced to come to his senses and the scene is saved.

One in particular, John Smith, strolled into a diner and murdered everyone in it and Cooper wants nothing more than to see justice.

Nick Cooper goes through a personal awakening and the reader is able to watch his development throughout.

Mardus our protagonist, Nick Cooper, called “Cooper,” who can read patterns so well he can even track fellow brilliants the name of these gifted people knowing nothing other than their movements to escape him. View all 7 comments. Review Quotes “Ridiculously good And it’s not like it’s up for sale so that you’ll have to buy the sequels at full price, no way.

Jun 11, Barbara rated it liked it. How does one know when they are being told the truth. Briilliance of the “superhuman” abilities displayed by this portion of the population are so far related to superior pattern recognition.

I want car chases, but I want to know the characters involved intimately, or I don’t care. And I honestly hope this guy makes some money.

There was a ‘bad guy’ with a gift call John Smith who was accused of killing a lot of people and blowing up a building. Regardless, I plan on reading the next book in the audio format. The screenplays would write themselves.



Nick is also a divorced father with two children that he dearly loves. Although its a little simple to say Brilliance is Brilliant — that really is entirely the truth. The most ruthless terrorist is John Smith, who supervises the slaughter of 73 patrons including children in an upscale Washington, DC restaurant and perpetrates deadly bombings. I look forward to reading the next book in the series. That’s somewhat interesting, and it may make good fodder for the series that this book sets up, but Brilliance doesn’t bode very well for the series.

No one can fly or move objects with their minds but rather use their ability to excel in all areas of society.

People with special abilities and the governments who are afraid of them, etc. Despite temptations along the way, the morally stalwart agent becomes increasingly distressed as he uncovers evidence about a conspiracy at the highest levels of the government. Surveillance video of the attack went viral, and the American public, stirred by the media, demanded revenge. Note on the Audiobook My final rating was reduced in part due to the narration of Luke Daniels.

This causes stock exchanges to close, creating havoc among investors and businesses. When I was a small maggot, I read a lot of thrillers. And this HAS to be a movie surely? Plot Around 30 years before the commencement of the story, “Brilliants” szkey to appear in the human population. He can read lies, he can even read thoughts spelled out as plainly as if spoken.

Look forward to the next installment. Since many readers are also people who interact every day with others, often through the medium of human speech, and are thus intimately familiar with how actual conversations are conducted, this could be a significant stumbling block to one’s enjoyment of the book. While Brilliance wasn’t perfect and the plotline was not especially original, I was captivated by the story from the outset.


It’s hard coming back to them as an adult, though. There are side issues to deal with too, such as some specific impacts to sakeu family. No trivia or quizzes yet. We get glimpses of abnorms and their lives, but this is not a subtle, character-driven novel; it’s a verbal action flick, a political thriller.

But there is action and espionage.

Book review: ‘Brilliance’ by Marcus Sakey

Your readers will hate you. View all 4 comments. Retrieved from ” https: But the creepiest bit of all? Want to Read Currently Reading Read. He is ruthless, intelligent, driven, and a brilliant himself, drawn to the department to create a safer world. I found the many facets of that completely fascinating and the different elements birlliance seamlessy interwoven into the narrrative.

Brilliance by Marcus Sakey book review

However, no matter how evolved they might be, they’re still human and still have problems that any person can relate brlliance. Echo Boy Matt Haig 9. No spam ever, and you can leave at any time. He also attended Columbia College Chicago for approximately one year in an MFA program with a focus in creative writing.

Not all aspects of the book were this unique. The other characters, though not as developed, are interesting and entertaining.

Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Title: That’s not always a failing, since many authors write their way around this problem by just not including much of it.