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Added by 1 of our members. Cloud Atlas A novel by David Mitchell.

Cloud Atlas – Wikidata

It’s a big book, for start, bold in scope and execution–a bravura literary performance, possibly. Let’s steer clear of breathtaking for now. Characters with birthmarks in the shape of comets are a motif; as are boats.

Oh and one of the six narratives strands of the book–where coincidentally Robert Frobisher, a young composer, dreams up “a sextet for cartogralhie soloists” entitled Cloud Atlas–is set in Belgium, not far from Bruges.


See what I mean?

Structured rather akin to a Chinese puzzle or a set of Matrioshka dolls, there are dazzling shifts in genre and voice and the stories leak into each other with incidents and people being passed on like batons in a relay race. The 19th-century journals of an American notary in the Pacific that open the novel are subsequently unearthed 80 years later on by Frobisher in the library of the ageing, syphilitic maestro he’s trying to fleece. Frobisher’s waspish letters to his old Cambridge crony, Rufus Sexsmith, in turn surface when Rufus, by the s a leading nuclear scientist is murdered.

A novelistic account of the journalist Luisa Rey’s investigation into Rufus’ death finds its way to Cartorgaphie Cavendish, a London vanity publisher with an author cartograpjie has an ingenious method of silencing a snide reviewer.

And in a near-dystopian Blade Runner-esque future, a genetically engineered fast food waitress sees a movie based on Cavendish’s unfortunate internment in a Hull retirement home. Cavendish himself wonders how a director called Lars might wish to tackle his plight.

All this is less tricky than it sounds, only the lone “Zachary” chapter, told in Pacific Islander dialect all “dingos’n’ravens”, “brekker” and cartograpuie is an exercise in style too far.


Not all the threads quite connect but nonetheless Mitchell binds them into a quite spellbinding rumination on human nature, power, oppression, race, colonialism and consumerism. Midnight’s Children Salman Rushdie.

Cloud Atlas (Cartographie Des Nuages) : David Mitchell :

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