73 quotes from Christine Caine: ‘Sometimes when you’re in a dark place you think you’ve been buried, but you’ve actually been planted.’, ‘God is able to take. Using her own dramatic life story, Caine reveals how God rescued her from abuse, to Do What God Calls You to Do () by Christine Caine. Undaunted by Christine Caine is a video-based study that will take you through the stages of pain and loss that ultimately lead to healing.

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In addition to your newsletter syou will receive email undauntsd and special offers from Lightsource. I took my time reading it because I didn’t want to miss the message within its pages.

I can’t say enough about this book.

Love people, be obedient. Christian NonFiction An inspiring and well written book. I was amazed when I read about such cases. To be the rescued rescuers.

But, I am afraid that this new genre in Christian inspiration will lead believers to miss the point. The rationalor a supernatural? It isn’t just her story, but ours as well. It helped me grow as a person, chrisrine more importantly, it helped me grow in my relationship with God. With one line, a letter in the mail, a text message, or conversation, the landscape of our future looks completely different.

Preview — Unstoppable by Christine Caine. After all, God can move mountains. Challenging in so so many ways.

Undaunted – Christine Caine

What ensues in the book is her personal journey to that moment. With God, all things are possible. Religion isn’t bad, there’s just bad people in religion. There is a girl out there that has stripped away from her family, stripped away from her hopes and dreams and is thrown into human trafficking. By page 7, I’m already being impacted greatly by Christine’s story, and I’m looking forward to continue to grow in Christ, and I’m excited that this book is part of it.


Now, almost a year and a half later, I’m turning 18 in four days, and I’m starting from the beginning. Oct 13, Honey rated it liked it. Inhe began preaching on television. It is this truth that enables us to go into the future undaunted. Book Description From Publishers Christine Caine offers life-transforming insights about how not only to overcome the challenges, wrong turns, and often painful circumstances we all experience, but also to actually grow from those experiences and be equipped and empowered to help others.

Then this book is for you. I could mess up or meltdown and he would love me still.

They have planned, communicated, and gathered to surprise you and let you know you are loved. I have a confession to make Prepare to have your motives reassessed and be willing to open to Christine Caine is as powerful a writer as she is a speaker.

Of course, she references many biblical scriptures that have spoken to her throughout her journey in life. March 4th -I started reading this book when I was 16 undaunfed old in October Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

The Oxford dictionary defines Undaunted as not intimidated or discouraged by difficulty, danger or disappointment. More need to know this problem exists. Yet, in a very real sense, nothing changed.

Christine Caine Quotes (Author of Undaunted)

I believe most women would be able to relate to Ms. This book starts a little slowly, but then gets better as you read on. I thought that the book would be a bunch of these stories, but it is not. I didn’t know I needed Christine Cain and her inspiring words in my life until I read them.


The Schindler’s List Moment Part 1: I loved the stories she shared and also how the a21 campaign started. Dec 13, Debie rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: When you abide in his word, he abides in you. The truth you store up in silence comes back to you in the storm” “God knew me and loved me before I was even me. What are some of the things that people in our world tend to use to establish their sense of value, identity, and purpose in life?

Worthwhile reading, I get caught up with fear and trying to run away from where God wants me to go. He means for us to walk into the gap, where he’s thrown down the cross, to walk like him, to walk with him.

I wonder what it was like for that boy to see his meager meal held up to the heavens by the hands of a grateful Jesus. What truth can we speak to combat these lies?

Undaunted: Daring to Do What God Calls You to Do

Now playing audio version of this episode. How should we respond when we face a moment that makes us feel we are not who we thought we were? There will always be giants to intimidate us into remaining comfortable with being complacent, but it is up to us to see through the eyes of faith and push through them undaunted.