Find great deals for Cisco Catalyst R – switch. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for Cisco Catalyst R – switch Cisco Catalyst R-E – switch. Shop with confidence on eBay!. This article describes that installation of a Cisco Catalyst R-E switch, including two Supervisor Engines II (WS-X+) and a 48 port Gigabit PoE module.

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The Supervisor Engine 7L-E provides a number of enhancements over its predecessor Supervisor Engine 6L-E ,making it a primary choice for Enterprise-class networks seeking unprecedented performance. Moving to the front side of the Supervisor Engine, you can see the part number and description:.

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As shown above, the Supervisor engine passed all tests and then proceeded to boot the IOS. These fans work full speed the moment you power the switch on, consuming Watts alone! With the support of stateful switchover SSOthe secondary supervisor engine serves as a backup to immediately take over after a primary supervisor failure.

Supervisor Engine 7-E vs.

Cisco Catalyst 4507R – switch

cissco Of course, anything on the left side of the chassis vieweable in our picture would be immediately blown away. We took a picture from the back of the board to make sure the connector was clearly visible:. Here’s one of the supervisor engines in its original antistatic bag:. The interesting part is when you try to save your configuration:.


Cisco Catalyst R – switch Cisco Catalyst R-E – switch | eBay

Comparison of Cisco IE Switches. Apart from these minor cosmetic changes the switch looks exactly the same as its predecessor. Show More Show Less. Like most Cisco engineers, we couldn’t wait to open the heavy box and smell the freshly packaged item that came cisci from Cisco’s manufacturing line. Cisco Catalyst Series Transition Guide.

Show less Show more. Visible behind the faceplate is the circuitry board and heatsinks attached to the dual-CPUs and other processors Last one Free shipping. This attracted our attention as we thought something very senstive cusco be in that area for Cisco to protect it in such a way. You might also like: Deal with bandwidth spikes Free Download. The R-E switch is shipped in a fairly large box 50 H x44 W x32 D cm and weights around 21 Cosco with its shipping box.

We took another picture inside the chassis to make things as clear as possible:. Taking into consideration that we didn’t see the same protection in other similar non-PoE boards, we couldn’t image it being something else. When inserted into its slot, the power supply’s bottom connectors plug firmly into the chassis connectors and power up the Catalyst switch:.

We saw areas of the switch which you won’t easily find elsewhere and our generous amount of pictures made sure you understood what the R-E looks like, inside and out! The R-E can accept upto two supervisor engines, therefore you have two slots dedicated to them, leaving 5 slots available. Previous post Next post. As shown in our picture the fan tray consists of two larger fans on the same level as the Supervisor Engines, and six smaller fans taking care of the cooling for the rest of the line cards:.


Cisco Catalyst 4507R – switch Cisco Catalyst 4507R-E – switch

When the R-E is switched on, both engines 5407r boot by first performing a POST test on their modules, memory buffers etc. We recently had the chance to unpack and install a Cisco Catalyst R-E Layer 3 cciscowhich we must admit was extremely impressive.

No ratings or reviews yet. These are actually three very large electrolytic capacitors – quite impressive! Mounting a Catalyst into a rack can be a daunting experience, mainly due to its weight. The engineer performing the procedure must be properly grounded and the cards must be placed on antistatic mats or, even better, inside antistatic bags.

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This command gives a report of the installed modules cards in the catalyst switch along with a few more details:. We have ratings, but no written reviews for this, yet.

The Supervisor Engine is the heart of every modular Cisco and series switch. Supervisor Engine 6-E vs.

Cisco Catalyst R – switch | eBay

It comes with a superior command line interface where you can fully customize 4507f settings based on your preferences. Configuring the Supervisor engines was a simple task.

The Cisco Catalyst series is world-known for its superior network performance and modularity that allows it to ‘adapt’ to any demands your network might have.