Odontomas are hamartomatous lesions composed of mature enamel, dentin, and pulp, and may be compound or complex depending on the extent of. This article presents surgical management of excision complex odontoma in year-old female patient followed with prosthetic rehabilitation. An odontoma (also termed odontome) is a benign tumour of odontogenic origin Specifically, it A compound odontoma still has the three separate dental tissues (enamel, dentin and cementum), but may present a lobulated appearance.

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Multiple Extensive Complex Odontomas of the Jaws

Frequently associated with an unerupted tooth Usually detected on routine radiographs Most commonly located between roots of erupted teeth or impeding the eruption of tooth Well marginated from surrounding bone May have a thin radiolucent region surrounding opaque mass Radiopaque matrix same density as components of adjacent teeth Early stage odontoma may have little calcified matrix, expanding the radiographic differential diagnosis Can occur as a component of combined odontogenic tumor, most commonly Calcifying cystic odontogenic tumor CCOT Multiple odontomas may occur as a component of: The aetiology of complex odontomas is unknown.

Int J Oral Surg ;9: In the initial stage, there is lack of calcification of the dental tissues making it to appear radiolucent. Can occur in any tooth bearing area Compound odontoma usually occurs in anterior maxilla Complex odontoma usually occurs in posterior mandible. Considering the above clinical findings, a provisional diagnosis of a residual cyst in the mandibular left molar region was made, with a differential diagnosis of ameloblastoma and periapical cemental dysplasia.


J Oral Maxillofac Surg ; Case report and review of the literature. Laterally, the lesion extended into the buccal vestibule causing vestibular obliteration.

We present an interesting case of large complex odontoma of mandible in a young boy with marked bony expansion and impaction of lower second molar. A retrospective analysis of the characteristics, treatment and follow-up of 26 odontomas in Greek children. Odontomas are hamartomatous malformations rather than a true neoplasm consisting of ectodermal and mesodermal components.

The radiological appearance of complex odontomas depends on their stage of development and degree of mineralisation. Giant complex odontoma of the anterior kdontoma Dentigerous cyst associated with multiple complex composite odontomas.

Large Complex Odontoma

Sultan Qaboos Univ Med J. The lesion was surrounded by a radiolucent border, which was ill-defined superiorly [ Figure 1 ].

Post operative period was uneventful with no evidence of recurrence. However, occasionally they may become symptomatic causing swelling, pain or paraesthesia.

An unusual case of erupted composite complex odontoma.

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JIADS ; 1 1: Conclusion Conflicts of Interest References. Odontogenic Tumors and Allied Lesions. We report an unusual case of erupting complex odontoma associated with an impacted maxillary second molar. Some odontogenic islands with cohesive cells and hyperchromatic cells were also seen.

In our patient there was no evidence of cyst formation. Adjacent incisor was deformed. Most of the times the surgical site can be closed primarily, but sometimes requires local flaps to achieve tension free closure.

Giant complex odontoma of the anterior mandible: report of case with long follow up

Cementum or cementum-like substances are often admixed with dentinoid structures. Postoperative OPG revealed good bony healing without any recurrence Figure 9. Histological typing of odontogenic tumors. Treatment consists of complete excision of the tumor along with associated soft tissues so as to prevent further complications like cyst formation, cystic degeneration or possible conversion to odonto-ameloblastoma ofontoma 5 ].

WHO International histological classification of tumors. Excision of lesion in toto Click here to view. Orphanet J Rare Dis ;1: Abstract Odontomas are odontogenic compllex occurring in the oral cavity.