: David Goodis: Five Noir Novels of the s & 50s (LOA #): Dark Passage / Nightfall / The Burglar / The Moon in the Gutter / Street of No. Nightfall could easily have been adapted for Hitchcock. The novel by David Goodis follows Jim Vanning as he hides out in New York City. In Nightfall (), David Goodis explores the theme of the innocent pursued, as artist Jim Vanning becomes accidentally embroiled in a violent robbery and.

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Prose is fruequently poetic, but always spare. The resolution is satisfying, although perhaps too bright for a true noir tale. It’s very well done even if it does drive me a bit nuts.

His self-pity is so overwhelming that his own safety is of little to no importance to him; being 33, unmarried, and unable to get on with his life is the true cause of his despair. More interesting is the psychological drive of the storytelling within the characterization. Jim Vanning is a commercial artist living in Greenwich Village.

Unbeknownst to Vanning, he is being watched by a policeman Fraser who is not convinced Vanning is the hardened criminal he is supposed to be. And they’ll do whatever they want to, to get it back.

Nightfall by David Goodis | : Books

The large format printing and the odd cover ‘art’ make for an unusual reading experience. It just doesn’t blow you away like his fifties stuff does. Vanning is an interesting hero. These guys also usually have a craving for bad, bad, bad, mostly overly voluptuous and almost always sexually dominant femme fatales.

Of course, he’s in love with a young lady–Martha Gardner–who may, or may not, be involved in the money’s baffling disappearance. The female character, Vanning’s love interest, is a bit thin, but the other primary characters have full personalities.


He draws those characters credibly, and though they sometimes lapse into s tough-guy talk when they speak, there’s something genuinely flawed and tragic and moving about them. I’m now making a new habit of discovering another of his novels as aperatifs between my more challenging and immersive reads.

Characters shift around behaving in unpredictable ways, leaving you uneasy, begging questions, like good or bad and whom to trust?

Except, as Bryan explains, in a way the book was based on the movie, even though published ten years before the latter’s release. The basic premise in Nightfall concerns an innocent man–Jim Vanning–who by happenstance ends up with a satchel of grand.

Doonesbury in the Time of Trump by G. But he lost it. A hunted man, James Vanning makes his way to New York City’s Greenwich Village, changes his name and sets up his own studio to work as a commercial artist. Compelling, and not a word wasted, although the plot does have its implausible points if you think about it too much!

His lean prose and colorful dialogue propel the tight plot to a very satisfying conclusion. Stay in Touch Sign up. I thought no character ever cracked wiser than Philip Marlowe when he’s run out of luck. What is going on is gradually revealed in rather a clever fash Being a big fan of James M.

Where his colleagues are mere thugs with a sideline in sadism, John is almost a gentle person, whose dreams are of living with his girl on a remote Caribbean island and who takes any opportunity to wax philosophical about his worldview.

David Goodis is a writer of breath-taking prose and a creator of a hopelessness no genre character ever had to claw his way out of.

But that’s OK, cause, if you gotta couple of hours to kill? Patricia Watts and Stan Jones. Feb 20, Jennifer rated it really liked it. One of the issues with the story is that it felt goovis too made up and convenient in a number of places. We do, however, wish to save the comment section from inundation by advertisements for Viagra and knockoff watches.

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The overtly insecure and semi-obsessive cop, Fraser is grounded only by his wife who seems to be the backbone of his sanity and manhood for that matter. Turns out, gunslinger and his two buddies crashed their getaway car fleeing from a Seattle bank robbery.

On his way to a job he’s looking forward to when he pulls to the side of the road in the mountains of Colorado to help at an accident. What is going on is gradually revealed in rather a clever fashion, and the switches between the two main characters are beautifully handled too. See all books by David Goodis. David Goodis —a former pulp, radio, and Hollywood script writer, is now recognized as a leading author of crime fiction.

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goodix At the other end, we have Vanning. Knowing no one to trust, not Martha with whom he falls in love, Vanning is doubly tracked, and only in another shooting- this time on the side of the law- is able to remember where he had left the evidence which will clear him Expect a Black Friday review soon The constant chasing of one kind or another that each of the characters is undertaking throughout the story really helps to glodis the pages flying past and the imagined interractions between Vanning and Fraser are an interesting development of the cat and mouse theme.

The review is at http: Noir is dark by definition, but Goodis filled his novels with the contrast of color.