Snuff. The 39th Discworld novel sees Sam Vimes investigating a countryhouse murder, and is Terry Pratchett’s fiftieth book. Snuff is the 39th novel by Terry Pratchett in the Discworld series after I Shall Wear Midnight. It went on sale on Thursday 13th October and was the. Snuff (Discworld) [Terry Pratchett] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. At long last, Lady Sybil has lured her husband, Sam Vimes, on a .

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Here are the Discworld books about the City Watch and its commander Sam Vimes, in order of publication: Dec 27, Emily rated it it was ok Shelves: Is Pratchett’s signature sideways humor almost totally missing from this book, or am I so used to it, it doesn’t strike me sideways anymore? The beginning with Lord Vetinari and Drumknott didn’t have the spirit of Pratchett’s previous books, but felt rather like an info dump.

It was still entertaining though, and it made a couple of boring flights seem to pass more quickly. Oct 27, Michael rated it really liked it Shelves: I just found him a very frustrating, and quite frankly, as flat character.

Not intentionally mind, but some things are just not done: Both of these initially irritating beings are redeemed by the narrator: Wodehouse’s more with each passing book. And Vimes is of course leading the charge for greater equality. Return to Book Page. In Snuff it is the goblins who are the centre of attention: They say that in the end all sins are forgiven. I can’t pretend this book was perfect, though. Enough with the vital statistics though — is it any good?

Miss Beedle’s best student, Tears of the Mushroom, has a heavenly hand at the harp, like the victim did. But like Granny, he aen’t dead, and I wish people would quit trying to pluck around him like vultures and diagnose where his disease is getting into his art. If I start here as a complete noob, will I be utterly lost? Vimes immediately sets out to solve the case several intertwined crimes, actually with help from the amazing Willikins and a very young Constable Feenie.


The way the series speaks to a contemporary reader on the subjects of fairness, violence, politics, power and poverty is augmented by the milieu and casts of characters. This is the best and most enjoyable Discworld book in quite some time, I think perhaps you have to go back to Thud!

May have been partially inspired by how all the amazing things that her British Empire was doing happened in the silences. Pratchett is a master storyteller. The villains are also mostly off screen, which is somewhat dissatisfying. To keep it fresh into the 39th volume of a series deserves a knighthood. Sam finds a brutally killed goblin girl, source of copious blood, evidence for the corrupt local council to mislead their village inspector.

Snuff by Terry Pratchett – review

It references the government inspector A. Also in low ones.

Finally, the last book Pratchett wrote for this series is Raising Steamwherein Moist must make the newly invented locomotive serve Ankh-Morpork and beyond. Goblin’s Head – the quaint country pub with little windows of wavery glass and Serious issues, humanity and sorcery, are tackled with humor. This page was last edited on 20 Juneat If I were Sir Terry, I discwrld probably describe it as a Shortly after finishing this book, I took a nap, and as I drifted off I had the thought that if I ever met Sir Snfuf, I very probably would fall to my knees and start crying and other things that would embarrass us both.

The Truth is not about Moist Von Lipvig, but it has some City Watch characters, idscworld Lord Vetinari, even though snudf is not officially part of the City Watch series whatever that means. View all 17 comments. Pratchett aten’t dead yet. The aim of the concert is to showcase the musical talent of one of the goblin girls taught by Miss Beedle. It’s hardly addictive, is it?

And despite his street-gang portrayal in Thud! There are easy parallels to be drawn with ddiscworld aspects of our own society: The End of the Gods is published by Canongate. Commander and reluctant Lord Sam Vimes, arrives with family for holiday at his wife Sybil’s country estate, and senses evil afoot. The emotional realism and detail is beyond compare despite the fact that the aforementioned watch consists, in addition to humans, of dwarves, trolls, golems, vampires, werewolves, a Nac Mac Feegle and at least one Igor.


Snuff by Terry Pratchett – review | Books | The Guardian

Open Preview See a Problem? Sir Terry Pratchett sold his first story when he was thirteen, which earned him enough money to buy a second-hand typewriter. Photographs from ancient artifacts ddiscworld present day markets, across the Americas, Africa, Asia, illustrate long-standing and existing beliefs. This book might be your cup of tea. I found it hard not to read without thinking constantly about Pratchett’s illness and wondering how much it was effecting his writing.

Thankfully, Snuff is a return to form for Pratchett and while I hope we get more, if this discowrld the last Discworld entry we get, it will be a solid, entertaining high note for the series to go out on.

Goblins haven’t been touched upon very much in the Discworld series so far and I’d say Pratchett did a great job developing them in Snuff.

On the way the prison coach crashes, Stratford escapes and kills a guard. As I’ve said in other Pratchett reviews, Pratchett With the news of Terry Pratchett’s declining health, it feels as if each new Discworld novel could be his last. While they are silly, the Discworld books always deal with real issues as well. I reckoned that if I let them give me enough titles I’d eventually get one I could live with.

Snuff 50 Aug 07, Shortly after finishing this book, I took a nap, and as I drifted off I discworls the thought that if I ever met Sir Terry, I very probably would fall to my knees and start crying and other things that would embarrass us both.