The user can set the number of instructions executed between updates to the simulator GUI by selecting a value from the Update Freq. menu. Certain update. Instructions are coloured blue, assembler directives (such as ORG, USING, etc) are As with many microcontroller simulators, EdSim51 allows the user to either . User Manual. James Kelly 3) Download om/ simulator/ the user may pause the program by clicking the button again.

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As explained abovethe keypad interrupt cannot be used together with the 7-segment display because both share P3.

These images shows what is connected to each of the 32 port pins. All of the instructions are implemented.

Edsim51 Examples

For more information on the serial port and on adding a parity bit, click Beginner’s Guide to the – Serial Port. Therefore, keypad interrupt can be used at the same time as the LCD module.

The user can write code directly into the text box when it is in edit mode, or an existing program can be loaded from a file using the Load button. As in standard mode, a closed key is reopened simply by clicking on it again. If the file exists then the guiide in it is used to restore the system settings to the values they were at when the simulator was last shut down. This is done by sending the appropriate Function Set instruction see instruction set below.


This gives the user a guuide of three settings for the type of keypad. The zoom button is located below the red Exit button. The WR line connected to P3.

Alternatively, you can remove all breakpoints with one click of: By default, this is the format used when saving your source code in the EdSim51 Simulator.

Also notice there is only one instruction for writing to the module. Also, if you let the mouse pointer hover over one of the bits momentarily, the bit’s description is displayed, as shown exsim51.

The first bytes of code memory are displayed. The keys can also be set edeim51 simulate switch bouncing – more info. In the logic diagram extract above you can see the switch between the comparator output and P3. The speed of the motor can be varied manually using the slider to the right of the motor – take guid look at the hardware screenshots above.

This is not the case with a set of numbers. The update frequency may be changed while a user’s program is running. Notice the read-write pin is connected to ground – the module can only be written to. The 3 columns are connected to the inputs of an AND gate, the output of which is connected to P3.

EdSim51 – User’s Guide

If the mode is not set correctly, an error message stating such is displayed, as shown here. All of port 0’s pins, except pin 7, are used by the keypad. Note the address is six bits in length – we will discuss these six bits shortly. Standard – any number of keys can be closed at the same time.


Pulse – in pulse mode a key is closed while the left mouse button is held down.

Edsim51 Examples | Micro controller (IE)

To do so, the user encloses the set in curly braces, each number separated by a comma, as shown in the image opposite. It does not link multiple files and only some of the directives you might expect are implemented. Analogue input signal applied here.

The image to the left: LCALL must be programmed explicitly.

In the example shown opposite, the four numbers 56, 3a, 23 and e7 are transmitted, nothing more. But remember, you won’t be able to multiplex the displays and use keypad interrupts at the same time. As can be seen in the logic diagram above, the module is interfaced with the in 4-bit mode. The motor can be disabled by clicking on the Motor Enabled button. When the mouse pointer is left to hover over one of the register labels, the register’s address appears, as shown opposite for the PCON register.

When the user switches to another keypad mode, using the adjacent menu, all closed keys are automatically reopened.