We are sad to announce the passing of Eric Joisel on October 10, , from BC, and he signed his book that I had purchased “To Eric, The Viking I was not. I continue to learn from his works and methods, many of which can be found in his book, Eric Joisel: The Magician of Origami. This book was published. All we need is the price of a paperback book to sustain a library the whole world trusts. We have only . Eric Joisel Magician Of Origami.

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While most origami books teach you how to fold origami, this book teaches you how to think and philosophize about origami from the perspective of a master. While the vast majority of folders approached design with the idea that once the “base” was folded, the battle was nearly over, to Eric, the “base” was the barest beginning of a skirmish.

These sketches will prove invaluable to a serious student of Joisel’s work. Y[f] [s] h ;8 o. Hope this helps you a bit, — Sara. Eric’s work enriched origami world immensely.

In contrast, while their first hardcover book, Origami Fantasy was brown and unmarked without its dust cover, this book has the dust cover material printed in black and white on the book itself, allowing for elegant presentation with or without the dust cover. But he must have spent many, many years perfecting his art before he suddenly burst upon the scene. In my final message to Eric I thanked him for being so generous to me and the erci community with his works of art.

Farewell and thank you for having been the person you were.

He asked me which one I wanted and then he explained that he did not want to break the collection and was unable to sell just erkc. Many times I though that if I ever traveled to Paris a visit to Eric’s studio should be a mandatory stop as a visit to the Eiffel tower.


He eriv he could never jiosel us enough. He was the origami equivalent of filmmaker David Lean Dr. Then you must have one! Retrieved from ” https: He was immensely talented, very humble, and had a warm sense of humor.

He was always very friendly to me, although I am not a competent folder and could not possibly attempt to replicate one eirc his models but who could? If you were lucky enough to do so, too, you can understand the overwhelming feeling I had. With his passing in Octoberthe international origami community lost a leading advocate endorsing origami as a fine art, an unrivaled designer in technique and improvisation, a master of shaping and sculpture, and one of the most memorable personalities in our field.

We met him at the MFPP convention in Paris in and then at SEOF inwhere we spent much time together joidel origami display in a great company of origami artists and enthusiasts.

For a list of some of his publications, check www.

√Čric Joisel

When I heard of his illness, it came as a huge shock to me. As many people have remarked, Eric was “down to earth” and self-deprecating for someone with his prodigious talent.

That is what makes them so unique literally. He worked in a variety of papers and materials, often using laminates of paper, foil, and heavily painting or gessoing them before or after folding; but he also worked in pure, raw kozo paper, particularly in his later years.

My deepest condolences to his family. Not only was he gregarious, but happy to sit down one-on-one with anyone seeking his advice, or simply to chat. And he, in his usual humbleness, thanked me and Mr. Nevertheless he will be remembered for a long time for very good reasons: However, at the end of the next day, as everyone was taking down their displays, Eric came up to me and said, “I regret that I could not sell the origami bust to you. Permalink Submitted by Keith D.


Eric Joisel – Le Pli magazine by Eric Joisel Book Review | Gilad’s Origami Page

I, too, am impelled to write of my sadness at hearing of the death of Eric Joisel. Zhivago, Lawrence of Arabia –not only grand in scale, but also deeply personal, idiosyncratic, and complex. We shall never see an equal of Eric again. I was fortunate to have met Eric at the Israel Origami Convention inwhere he was the guest of honor. All of the work, all of the artistry, all of the folding took off from there.

As far as I know he hasn’t done his own book. Eric Joisel – La magia del papel.

And I shall treasure the memories of the jovial bantering that we shared together. With a unique style, and indescribable sense of humor, Eric was one of a kind, a true artist, who jiisel this form of art into new heights. The inside of the book is written fully and completely in two languages, Japanese and English, and is split up into four sections:.

No need to mask our sorrow yet Still sric, though you’re gone We honour now thy mem’ry sweet To fold, forever, on. Eric was overwhelmed but very appreciative of what he considered to be a very generous act of kindness.