The lands of the Unapproachable East trade with the Old Empires because of their proximity, and Thesk is the avenue through which exotic goods from the far. The Unapproachable East Forgotten Realms supplement takes you to Aglarond, Rashemen, Thay, Thesk, and the Great Dale! Take a peek at. Unapproachable East (Dungeons & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying, Forgotten Realms Setting) [Richard Baker, Matt Forbeck, Sean K. Reynolds] on.

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Meanwhile, agents of rival powers such as the Red Wizards and the Zhents are trying to capture the male Rashemen wizards for the information they hold. Currently the region prospers, but the zulkirs plan to intervene if trade falls off.

The Unapproachable East (1372)

It is not settled by the Rashemi, and while they sometimes enter the wood to hunt, they do so only after paying respect to the local spirits. It divides the Easting Reach from the Alamber Sea. With each passing month the inhabitants improve the roads, clear land for farms, and push back the frontier.

Given the success of the mercantile efforts and the traditional failures of overt conquest, a new faction has arisen within the Red Wizards, supporting mercantile rather than military expansion.

Thay is an aggressive magocracy, Aglarond defends its borders against all intruders, and Rashemen is a cold, hard land of powerful witches and fierce warriors. Impilturans see all sorts of raw valuables come from their northern neighbors and exotic goods arrive in their ports. Rashemen reaoms a cold, rugged land, populated by hardy and fiercely independent people.

People in the eastern portion of the Yuirwood have begun experiencing magical hallucinations of the trees fast. He knows a ritual that allows a worshiper to exchange a portion of his or her life force for the ability to shadow walk once per day.

In Thesk, these agents are the thousand orcs from their army. In addition, because fofgotten suppressed the usual map place names, these can be realmms by a DM to craft handouts for use in her personal Forgotten Realms campaign. He is chosen by vote of the Witches, during a secret meeting at which any Witch may propose any person as Huhrong. Rob Lazzaretti forgotten Dennis Kauth. The majority of slaves are human, but orcs, goblins, gnolls, half-ores, and halflings also appear for sale.


Its people are ready and willing to fight to defend themselves, but enjoy their peaceful lives. This is a moderate-sized trade city, balancing its interests against all of Impiltur. Kept hidden in the Running Rocks, they devote themselves to crafting new spells and the magic items the Witches use in battle. Nyth Small City, 11, Each attempt failed, mainly because the Red Wizards could never successfully cooperate with each other.

Free Thayans are perhaps the closest to what the folk of Thay would be like without magical oppression. Rich new mines have recently been found north of Lyrabar and near the High Pass, however, and the realm is growing in wealth, trade, fodgotten confidence. Now a pile of shattered stone, it is used as a lair by goblins, giant spiders, and hags.

Unapproachable East Map Gallery

Heavily damaged in the salamander war see Regional History, belowit was rebuilt with modern facilities. Years after the collapse of those two empires, the people united to form a nation, aided by the Witches, who offered their protection in exchange for the right to select the kings and war leaders, since the first one in DR.

They learn iron self-control as quiet, careful underlings to powerful senior mages, and only dare to scheme unapproacgable they command a powerful roster of personal spells. See Organizations est more unapproachaboe about the individual zulkirs. Its small wizard school mainly teaches magic appropriate to the sea trade and spells to protect and ward valuables.

Please note that the sizes are different than those in the final book, and that these maps are lacking place names, compass roses, keys, and so on. This section is empty.

This northernmost portion of the Sunrise Mountains is a place of ancient, dark hills, old stone monoliths, and wild magic. Thay is an ungainly, internally riven powerhouse of a nation – but also one that is feared, hated, and carefully watched by all its neighbors. Several smaller tunnels have been found leading downward. At times some of the outer stones of its walls glow red with heat, and crackling sounds can be heard beneath the earth.

Caravans use it as a rest stop and barter with the locals here. This unsettled region’s good soil is covered in thick, short grass, and small herds of wild oxen and ponies roam its entire length. When enemies approach, the commoners all of whom have some skill at survival, disappear into the woods, protected by the rangers and druids who mercilessly slay anyone that causes deliberate harm to the forest. The Scouring of the Land.


Infested by troglodytes, rasts, and other subterranean species including drowthe Citadel is said to connect to the Underdark. She is married to the High Blade of Mulmaster, a political union that has brought Thay greater access to the Moonsea through its Mulmaster enclave.

Inquisitive mages of other lands who dare to scry onto the plateau discover that overlapping wards in many places now approaching the strength of the fabled mythals of old – overlie the land, effectively preventing spying from afar. Every inch of the reallms is tamed. This span of bogs, swampland, and mudflats is Aglarond’s first line of forgotetn against Thay.

It is also the home of the Nentyarch and his fortress Dun-Tharos, hidden near the thick center of the wood. Thaymount is home to the ancient Citadel see Plots and Rumors, below where it’s whispered that runaway spells still rage uncontrolled.

Human rangers often seek training from the foresters of Relkath’s Foot.

Thay is a hot, often dry, wind-scoured land where many thirst for freedom or greater power. Thayan armies have marched on Aglarond and Rashemen many times, and folk think it is only a matter of time before the Thayans revert to their old habits of taking what they want through force of arms and deadly spells.

One of the newest mines in the Earthspurs has realmss through into an old dwarven unappdoachable. The fallen empire of Narfell once held most of these lands; but now little remains of their cities and towers except vine-covered ruins in the forest. Its greenhouses hold the cultivated tropical unapproaxhable for which the city is known.

The mountains are tall and rugged, flanked by wide passes. There is no pattern to the hallucinations, and some people have had them several times while others not at all.