The Hindu Widows’ Remarriage Act XV of was passed which enabled widows to marry again. This gave a severe shock to the then conservative Hindu . 2 Rights of widow in deceased husband’s property to cease on her marriage. -All rights and interests which any widow may have in her deceased husband’s. Law, custom, and statutory social reform: the Hindu Widows’ Remarriage Act of Lucy Carroll. Centre for South Asian Studies. University of Cambridge.

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Act of is quite material and it would be fruitful to quote the said provision, which reads, thus: Gajapathi Naidu And Two Ors.

Pandurang Narayan Salunkhe v. July, in a partition suit. Central Electricity Regulatory Commission.

Hindu Widows’ Remarriage Act, – Wikipedia

Only about 80 widows were remarried in Bengal over a span of 20 years. Appellate Tribunal For Foreign Exchange.

Harabati And Others… v. She was considered to be inferior to man.

Section 2 in The Hindu Widows’ Remarriage Act,

The learned Chief Justice who delivered the judgment of the Court says: Right of widow in deceased husband’s property to cease on her re-marriage. It has been held by the Full Bench of Any woman remarrying was looked down by the society.

Remarriage of a widow stands legalised by reason of the incorporation of the Act of but on her remarriage she forfeits the right to obtain any Retrieved from ” https: The Hindu Widows Remarriage Acthas not been repealed The statement made on behalf of the defendant above referred to goes no further than to admit tha She holds an estate of inheritance to Kothuri Venkateswarlu Dead By Lrs.


Chando Mahtain And Others… v. Shanti need to be presumed to have statutorily died in view of Section 2 of Durga Prasad Singh v.

Hindu Widows Remarriage Act: 1856

Keshav lived till when he died unmarried. Meghalaya High Court 0.

She gets life estate like Hindu widow’s estate. Please, support our campaign for women priests. The second appeal raises a question of the interpretation of Section 2, Hindu Widows Remarriage Act 15 ofhereafter called the Actand its That section is referred to by the learned Judges, and they obviously base their decision upon their interpretation of it Having regard to Section 17 of the Hindu Appellate Tribunal For Forfeited Property.

Therefore Choyichi cannot have any share in The Hindu Widows Remarriage Act of contains a rather l Representations in the Writings of British India, Section 2 of the Hindu Widows’ Re-marriage Act, having ceased to have any right in the properties inherited by her from her husband It was also contended that Sobhi was a limited owner and on her death in the year They rely on Abdul Aziz Khan v.

It was found that Rudrava was deserted by her husband who had never If Section 2 of the Hindu Widows’ Remarriage Act, applies to property in all cases in which a Hindu widow has obtained it The question before the Court was whether by virtue of the operation of section 14, the remarried widow could claim absolute rights in her first husband’s property.


The Hindu Succession Act governs and prescribes rules of succession applicable to a large Supreme Court Of India District Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission 0.

Hindu Widows’ Remarriage Act, 1856

She afterwards married a second husband, not a Hinduin the form provided by Act III ofhaving first made a declaration, as required by Section A Wieows widow in India seen in this engraving from — was not allowed to wear a blouse or choli under her sari. But the Act does not touch the duration of the widow’s estate as determined by the Hindu Widow’s Remarriage Act, and the widow will only On an interpretation of Sec.

In both of them the question was whether the disability imposed by Section 2 of the Hindu Widow Remarriage Actalso attached to a remarriage in accordance In opposition to this, the learned counsel for the respondents would urge that in the written statement Start Tour No Thanks.

Lakshmi Ammal And Ors. Kuppuswami Mandiri And Ors. Inthe Penal Code made polygamy a criminal offence.