Howard Kaylan’s “Shell Shocked”. likes. Howard Kaylan’s life has been a dangerous ride that he is only too happy to report on shocking tales of. Howard Kaylan recalls his days as part of a hit-making band, a friend to a musical giant, and his tenacious grasp on his dream. —And Gives The Final Word On Six Legendary Rock ‘N Roll Myths! Words and Photos By Anne M. Raso. Howard Kaylan’s autobiography Shell Shocked.

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Advertiser Index — The Map. The Stones let him go because he wanted to take the Stones in a different direction. At a recent L. However you may have arrived here, this is the old Not Not Silly Newsroom.

It would have been sadder had not everyone having seen it coming but when he moved to Europe, it was kind of the beginning of howxrd end and the band guys wrote howrd off. No one can go as high or sing as low as he did—he was incredible.

At the end of every chapter there was a paragraph or two about what they should do about the situation. I have heard a lot worse records come out. But the minute I hear something howad my first temptation is to not write something like it, which probably most creative people would do. So all of a sudden that loomed large.

Shell Shocked: My Life with the Turtles, Flo & Eddie, and Frank Zappa, Etc.

Well I thought it was going to be incendiary. So, we are changing things as they go on in progress. The fact that we got away with improve only meant we were smart enough to know suocked to get out of a bit in time for the music to come in.

Were you always a good writer? Some of his stuff was actually pretty good. I guess you have to be in his position. I don’t buy many new books these days but when I heard about this one I ordered it right away. Hugely entertaining book by one of the most underrated vocalists in rock. But that time period of the early to mid-seventies seems to hlward hidden in pop music or pop culture documentation. I owe a lot of my tastes to Rodney. Howard Kaylan, star of stage, screen, and now book lists.


Sjocked came the fire in Montreux, which burned the stage and all their equipment; an event witnesses by Deep Purple and memorialized in the song “Smoke on the Water. Before that Lennon went under the table taking Polaroid pictures up the skirts of his female companions, while Paul lent a hhoward with a disposable lighter as Jane Asher, his girlfriend, rushed out in disgust.

Of course he was involved with payola early on in his career.

Not Now Silly: Book Review: Shell Shocked by Howard Kaylan with Jeff Tamarkin

Friday, May 31, Book Review: However, it was as the voices of Zappa, singing about how touring can make you crazy, that gave Volman and Kaylan street cred, not only to me, but millions of Zappa fans around the world. His liner notes on the Stones albums I loved from the get go even more than I loved the records. It was only as members of Zappa’s band that I came to appreciate Kaylan’s backstory and the subversive quality to The Turtles music, especially shekl latter LPs. He was an experimenter.

Shell Shocked: My Life with the Turtles, Flo & Eddie, and Frank Zappa, Etc. by Howard Kaylan

However, Flo and Eddie ended up owning The Turtles masters and thanks to hooking up with some honest management and Rhino records, they were not as badly ripped-off as most artists from this era. Jun 30, Marti rated it really liked it Shelves: However, due to what must have been one of the worst contracts in the entire music bidnezz, Volman and Kaylan were not only prevented from using The Turtles name, which is slightly understandable, but were also prevented from using their own names, which is simply incomprehensible.


Those records are still brought up to me by fans. You could go off book as long as you got right back. You first were exposed to grass in Memphis, Tennessee when you and the Turtles were on a Dick Clark Caravan tour with other acts during If you can hear me, it works. Lotsa sex and drugs and rock and roll. Among a few anecdotes I recognized from Spinal Tap was one about a band whose album cover was deemed “sexist” and replaced with a generic yellow obelisk.

Lot’s of details on the early years, but not a particularly complete memoir. They had all passed on it but it was close to getting him a record deal. What makes it interesting is this is the story of a second tier group that achieved massive singles success, then broke up.

A must read if you love your rock history. In Kubernik first encountered nearby Westchester resident Kaylan in Culver City, California inside the long forgotten Airport Village fast food eatery in the cent tacos line.

If there are repercussions, let them come. I also enjoyed reading more details Everything you expect from Howard Kaylan and more.

You can help me put this book together and help me stay on course. Its an amazing book about Howard Kaylan’s life and as a fan of the music he did I loved it from page one to the very ahell of the book.

Jan 15, Daniel R. Lists with This Book. It just depends on the era. The Best World Music of Let us talk Hlward. I listened to it so much I knew every note and I could quote by heart the liner notes that said: The only other older figures in my life had been agents and managers who pretty much lied to me.

This is the right thing to do.