working to HVCA TR19 standards. “Poorly maintained kitchen extraction ductwork is a huge fire risk with mounting evidence that insurance companies are . Capitla Cleaning provide unrivalled service within this field. DW/TM2 () and TR17 ( and ). Heating and. Ventilating. Contractors’. Association. HVCA. Internal. Cleanliness of Ventilation. Systems. TR /

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A certificate of hygiene is issued after every full clean, which will count as proof that work has been carried out for both insurance and legal purposes.

Grease is a potential fuel for a fire to tg19 throughout an extract system and into other areas of the building. The frequency of testing and cleaning if required is dependent on usage. The Heating and Ventilating Contractors’ Association represents those responsible for the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of heating, ventilating, air conditioning and refrigeration products and equipment.

Capping-off the ducts is often used as a potential solution, but even then it is not jvca fool-proof – and it does add significant additional expense. There is now a requirement by the insurance companies to have the canopy and ducting cleaned regularly.

These are common symptons of what is generally known as sick building syndrome. Establishes a level of particulate cleanliness verification for both new and existing ventilation systems and an indication of when it is considered appropriate to clean systems in use.

If joints are required in the horizontal spines, they should be formed with internal standing seam joints and fitted with stainless steel nuts and bolts. The majority of the SDU’s are specified to be fitted to house the electrical and mechanical services where the kitchen appliances are set out in an island configuration, however occasionally they may be required to serve wall mounted ranges.


On completion of course you will be qualified to issue certificate of compliance if cleaning is done to TR19 guidelines. Visible fixings should be kept to the minimum and, where possible, avoided altogether.

One hinged access door with quick release latches should be fitted on the mechanical riser to gain access to the gas shut-off valve for maintenance purposes. How do you perfom a Kitchen Deep Clean? Clean, fresh air in buildings is the key to safe, comfortable and efficient working conditions.

These symptoms may also be produced whilst working in poorly designed buildings and offices and when there are unsatisfactory working conditions.

The objectives of an effective kitchen ventilation system are to: A planned, regular ventilation, ductwork, vent, fan and filter cleaning programme undertaken by Essex ventilation hygiene specialists will help to satisfy this law and minimise the most common cause of fires within commercial catering establishments. A component part of that is a certificate to confirm that their Extract including the Duct has been cleaned by a company ‘fit for purpose’. Likewise the spines normally consist of two compartments, one for the electrical and the other for the mechanical services runs.

What is HVCA TR19? We’re B&ES/HVCA Compliant Extract Cleaners, London

The Workplace Health, Safety and Welfare These are assembled and removed from the kitchen. Grease filters are removed from the diptank after the specified soak time, then steam cleaned and dried before being replaced.

Contact Contact us now for a no-obligation survey: As a general rule, if you run your finger along the opening of a duct and it collects dust then it probably needs cleaning. Effective kitchen ventilation systems: Finally, the premises are tidied up – all rubbish and debris is removed, outside areas tidied up. Kitchen Extraction Cleaning Intervals Intervals between regular specialist cleans depend on usage. If service distribution units are fitted out ‘Knock off’ buttons should be positioned, at both ends, in an accessible position near the exit from the catering areas including the risers.

  M16878 SPEC PDF

Access panels, screw fixed, should be provided to gain access to the risers and spines as per customer requirements. Any such event would be likely to result in legal action.

Where possible, equipment is pulled out to ensure that thorough cleaning can be achieved both beneath and behind the equipment. Essex Ventilation Hygiene Specialists can help you to achieve up to 5 stars.

The SDU’s can also be designed to have both services risers on one end and a supporting leg on the other. Firstly, the specifier’s need to decide what they want and specify it clearly.

The TR/19 Best Practice Standard from B&ES

Ductwork is normally hidden above a ceiling and can pass through numerous walls and floors before reaching the discharge point. It is more appropriate to specify against the Post-Clean verification level 0. So, clearly if you are starting off a new system, you really do need to do a thorough job in minimising the potential for adverse reaction from the new occupants especially when combined with a cocktail of T1r9 off-gassing from adhesives, coatings and other components is immense, and experienced often enough.

Inadequate ventilation hgca cause stress, contributing to unsafe systems of work and high staff turnover. It is practically impossible hbca keep ductwork clean by ‘capping off’; partly because you have to have the system open in order to erect new duct sections, and that is during the busy, dusty, daytime site working periods.

How Often is Duct Cleaning Necessary?