Posts about Insolventieverordening written by Geert van Calster. Year: ; Title: De Europese Insolventieverordening en het notariaat; Journal: JBN: Juridische Berichten voor het Notariaat; Volume: 3; Pages (from-to): Year: ; Title: De Europese Insolventieverordening in de Nederlandse rechtspraak; Journal: Nederlands Internationaal Privaatrecht; Volume | Issue number.

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Iedere schuldeiser kan zijn vordering indienen in de hoofdprocedure en in elke secundaire procedure. The first subparagraph shall also apply to an authority competent under national law to approve the termination or modification of the contracts referred to in this Article. The court may also order other measures to protect the interest of local creditors during a stay, unless this is incompatible with the national rules on civil procedure.

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Responsibilities of Member States regarding the processing of personal data in national verordenning registers. This could, for example, be the case vdrordening the insolvency practitioner wishes to combine an action for director’s liability on the basis of insolvency law with an action based on company law or general tort law.

This Regulation should not prevent the courts of a Member State in which secondary insolvency proceedings have been opened from sanctioning insolvenfie debtor’s directors for violation of their duties, provided that those courts have jurisdiction to address such disputes under their national law.

Artikel 10 Arbeidsovereenkomsten De gevolgen van de insolventieprocedure voor arbeidsovereenkomsten en arbeidsbetrekkingen worden uitsluitend beheerst door het recht van de lidstaat dat op de arbeidsovereenkomst van toepassing is.

The advantages of group coordination proceedings should not be outweighed by the costs of those proceedings.

De Europese Insolventieverordening in de Nederlandse rechtspraak

The Brussels I Regulation, the overall Regulation on jurisdiction on civil and commercial matters, displays bias in favour of the defendant: Deze conflictregels moeten voor zowel de hoofdprocedure als de territoriale procedures gelden. The remuneration for the coordinator shall be adequate, proportionate to the tasks fulfilled and reflect reasonable expenses. The court seised of a request to open group coordination proceedings shall give notice as soon as possible of the request for the opening of group coordination proceedings and of the proposed coordinator to the insolventiw practitioners appointed in relation to the members of the group as indicated in the request referred to in point c of Article 61 insolvejtieif it is satisfied that:.


When cooperating, insolvency practitioners and courts should take into account best practices for cooperation in cross-border insolvency cases, as set out in principles and guidelines on communication and cooperation adopted by European and international organisations active in the area of insolvency law, and in particular the relevant guidelines prepared by the United Nations Commission on International Trade Law Uncitral.

In acht te nemen termijnen”. Furthermore, the preferential rights enjoyed by some creditors in insolvency proceedings are, in some cases, completely different. Each Member State shall indicate whether it accepts any official language of the institutions of the Union other than its own for the purpose of the lodging of claims.

Responsibilities of the Commission in connection with the processing of personal data. An insolvency practitioner appointed in proceedings relating to a member of a group of companies should have standing to request a stay of any measure related to the vrordening of the assets in the proceedings opened with respect to other members of the group which are not subject to group coordination proceedings.

The opening of insolvency proceedings shall not affect the right of creditors to demand the set-off of their claims against the claims of a debtor, where such a set-off is permitted by the law applicable to the insolvent debtor’s claim.

Cases may arise in which the insolvency estate of the debtor vegordening too complex to administer as a unit, or the differences in the legal systems concerned are so great that difficulties may arise from the extension of effects deriving from the law of the State of the opening of proceedings to the other Member States where the assets are located.

The Commission shall define the necessary policies and apply insolgentie necessary technical solutions to fulfil its responsibilities within the scope of the function of controller. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Such agreements and protocols may vary in form, in that they may be written or oral, and in scope, in that they may range from generic to specific, and may be entered into by different parties.

The Recast insllventie strong emphasis on reorganisation insolvwntie. Elke beslissing tot opening van een insolventieprocedure, genomen door een krachtens artikel 3 bevoegde rechter van een lidstaat, wordt erkend in alle andere lidstaten zodra de beslissing rechtsgevolgen heeft in de lidstaat waar de procedure is geopend. PB C 15 van Emphasizing the relative autonomy of a separate legal entity and referring to the more specific criteria of being ascertainable by third parties – as formulated by the Court verrordening Justice in e.


Insolvency Regulation (EC) 1346/2000

The law of the State of the opening of proceedings shall determine the conditions for vefordening opening of those proceedings, their conduct and their closure. Wanneer krachtens lid 1 een insolventieprocedure wordt geopend, is iedere insolventieprocedure die vervolgens krachtens lid 2 wordt geopend een secundaire procedure.

The notice referred to in paragraph 1 shall be sent by registered letter, attested by an acknowledgment of receipt. The Member States shall update the information referred to in paragraph 1 regularly.

It may be the case that some of the persons concerned are not aware that insolvency proceedings have been opened, and act in good faith in a way that conflicts with the new circumstances. Iedere lidstaat kan weigeren unsolventie in een andere lidstaat geopende insolventieprocedure te erkennen of een in het kader van een dergelijke procedure gegeven beslissing ten uitvoer te leggen indien uit die erkenning of tenuitvoerlegging gevolgen zouden voortvloeien die kennelijk in strijd zijn met de openbare orde van die lidstaat, in het bijzonder met de grondbeginselen daarvan of met de grondwettelijk beschermde rechten en individuele vrijheden.

Artikel 2 Definities Voor het doel van deze verordening wordt verstaan onder: The High Court held essentially that the Lygnby action is not covered by the jurisdiction agreement because it is not a suit, action or inssolventie relating to a dispute arising out of or in connection with the ISDA Agreement or any non-contractual obligations arising out of or in relation to it. De curator die is aangewezen door een krachtens artikel 3, lid 1, bevoegde rechter kan in een andere lidstaat alle bevoegdheden uitoefenen die hem zijn verleend door het recht van de lidstaat waar de procedure is geopend, zolang in die andere lidstaat geen andere insolventieprocedure is geopend, of geen tegenstrijdige conservatoire maatregel na een verzoek tot opening van een insolventieprocedure in die lidstaat is getroffen.

The notice insolventi to in paragraph 1 of this Article shall list the elements referred to in points a to d of Article 61 3.