Command. Shortcut. Open Solution or Project. ⌘+⇧+O. Show Action List. ⌥+ Enter. Search Everywhere. Double-⇧. Navigate To ^+⇧+G. Find Usages. ⌥+F7. After using Eclipse for many years I recently worked with IntelliJ IDEA. These are the IDEA equivalents for my most-used Eclipse shortcuts. Here are the Intellij IDEA keyboard shortcuts I find most useful (listed in roughly The shortcut I use the most is Ctrl + B (Go to declaration), to see what a method.

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Don’t forget to like and share this page: For example, you can try using the following predefined quick lists:.

What are the most useful Intellij IDEA keyboard shortcuts? – Stack Overflow

It also suggests to create a shortcut for commands that are executed frequently. Use it on a throws, try or catch keyword to show all places where the exception is thrown. Tomasz Nurkiewicz k 53 If you are using one of the predefined keymaps for your OS, you can print the default keymap reference card and keep it on your desk to consult it if necessary.

But the “iter” smart template is really great.

Although you can ignore conflict and bind a shortcut with several actions, it is strictly recommended to avoid binding two actions with the same shortcut, because the order of performing such actions is not defined.


Use HofkeysCtrland Shift modifiers for diversity. Click OK with the mouse pointer to create a shortcut and bind it with an action. EntwicklungsumgebungSoftwareentwicklungWissensspritze.

Couple of shortcuts apart from the above suggestions: Pressing a key takes to associated bookmark. It is important to use the mouse pointer, because when you press any keystroke while this dialog is open, the keystroke is interpreted as the shortcut.

This would be a good place to proceed to Itnellij 2 where I will provide the basic foundations of the Scala language.

IntelliJ IDEA and Eclipse Shortcuts | Catalysts

Debug your Scala application The following keyboard shortcut will allow you to quickly launch your Scala application in Debug mode: Highlight Usages in File. Try out the key combinations that you use and make necessary adjustments.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Hopefully the answers to this inteklij will fill the void.

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The “N” shortcuts would be mostly “Navigate to” actions: You can modify a copy of any predefined keymap to assign your own shortcuts for commands that you use frequently. Highlight usages intelloj a file.

IntelliJ Keyboard Shortcuts – Compile, Debug, Run

This question and its answers are frozen and cannot be changed. General documentation and shortcuts are on Intellij’s site intellijj It will guide you to the unknown features.


Kedar Intellii 3, 2 20 This is equivalent to selecting the Debug menu item from the Build menu. According to the Jetbrains folks, it will have to be these, as they are for the one wearing the shirt: Hover your mouse pointer over the section Click Pad and click the desired mouse button.

If you invoke it again, it will include classes available through module dependencies.

Thanks a lot, very useful post, easy to work in Intellij who has to work on Eclipse. By Nadim Bahadoor Last updated: Couple of shortcuts apart from the above suggestions:. Sean Vieira k 23 When invoked for the third time in a row, the list of suggestions will include the whole project. Since version 8, IDEA intelligently selects a likely expression when no text is selected: If you would like to compile specific module, package or projectyou can select them from the Project panel on the left hand side and then select Build and then Compile.

Use this to navigate to the declaration of a class, method or variable used somewhere in the code: Mittlerweile ist es wieder schwieriger: Then select the necessary action and press Enter to execute it.