A famous book that show how differently Japaneses and western people do to work in a company. But I think now most of the company in the. for Mort Maurer, my father, who helped me to see the power of kaizen in the This book will show you how to harness the power of kaizen: using small steps to . Kaizen ne liči ni na jednu knjigu o japanskom menadžmentu koju sam pročitao. Iznad svega je praktična. Čudesna knjiga! Tomas R. Horton Izvršni direktor.

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Urednik je i recenzent nekoliko knjiga i enciklopedija. Besides, he is the author of several books and scientific articles published in numerous national and international scientific journals. He was assistant professor at the European Polytechnic Institute Ltd.

The purpose is to provide predictable, defined structures and methods to replace circumstance and luck in the pursuit of excellence. As a founder and current CEO of one of the biggest student organization in Russia that provides students with knowledge in a range of disciplines in a practice oriented way, he performed many real projects being a leader of a project teams.

Reviewer laizen editorial board member of several international journals. She also had working experience in the construction company Moscow, Russia where she helped to plan and conduct largest building projects.

Currently, she is preparing for defense of dissertation at the Department of Finance and Accounting. Thorough understanding of economy and business processes ensure great quality and effectiveness of work.

Gordana Bilbilovskaprofesor Univerzitet “Sv. Abiolu Fawole Lanrelecturer University of Ibadan Oyo State Nigeria A committed senior lecturer with over 10 years of experience at leading University of Ibadan institutions teaching students from various kaizne and cultural backgrounds.


During doctoral studies she dealt mainly with the quality of services for small and medium enterprises, management and economics of tourism.


She obtained PhD in female entrepreneurship in In his lectures his emphasis is on teaching business administration, marketing management and presentation skills. Currently, he gives lectures and consultations specialized on tour-operators management and financial services in tourism at the Knjjga College of Business in Prague.

She has published about 20 scientific papers. He has participated in over 15 applied research projects focused on various issues, e.

She lectures courses from the field of marketing and entrepreneurship. D in economics at the University of Rijeka. It is reflected in dissertation thesis: She has published papers at conferences with research on turism and marketing. InPetra worked as an assistant of a tax consultant in an international Audit Company in Prague. Udata je i ima jedno dete. He is presently involved in research on Quality in tourism, Engagement of employee and the leadership of companies.

She graduated at the Faculty of Law, University of Tirana, in Govori engleski i kineski jezik. Dobitnik nagrade Univerziteta u Beogradu kao student generacije Ekonomskog fakulteta u Beogradu.

Able to work in a managerial role or as part of team and having the proven ability to successfully work to tight schedules and deadlines. It is responsible for design of new products and the sale of products on the markets of Switzerland, Germany, MCD, Slovakia and Hungary.

Professor Pupavac is author of five text books in Croatian.

Diplomirao je na Ekonomskom fakultetu Univerziteta u Beogradu kao student generacije, a na istom fakultetu je odbranio magistarsku tezu i doktorsku disertaciju.

Govori engleski, kineski i italijanski jezik. She has had an extensive teaching experience at NBU. All this experiences, gathered in order to develop professional skills, as well as to face diverse group of people from all over the world, to be challenged in group work as well as to have fruitful lessons in diverse topics.


She has more than 8 years professional experience in different Higher Education Institutions in the field of Marketing and Business.

Diplomirao i magistrirao na Fakultetu prometnih znanosti u Zagrebu. Kaiezn research interests are in the fields of: Gveroski Miroslavprofessor Faculty of Economics, Prilep, Macedonia Gveroski Miroslav became PhD in at the Faculty of Economics in Prilep, defending his doctoral dissertation on “Long kwizen term effects of foreign investment, with special reference to Macedonia.

Gemba kaizen : zdravorazumski pristup strategiji kontinuiranog poboljšanja

Permanently is employed in the company Perutnina Ptuj, where he has accumulated many years of practical experience in the field of sales and marketing. More than nonprofit organizations participated to the research until this moment, whose management approved the importance of the thematic for non-profit sector realities. Her activity is rewarded with numerous certificates and medals.

He has published over 70 titles as book chapters, textbooks, journal articles, and conference papers. Since she works for an international company as a brand manager. He is also a member of Editorial boards of 4 International Scientific Journals in the field of marketing and a reviewer for numerous domestic and international scientific journals.

With years of experience she has accumulated a lot of knowledge in the field of health care, cosmetics, diagnostics, expert advice cosmetics, hygiene and environmental engineering. She works as a lecturer of business and management at the Faculty of Business, Aleksander Moisiu University in Albania.

At the same tame she is in head of E-studies Department and Moodle administrator.