Kalighat Paintings refer to the class of paintings and drawings on hand-made or more usually on machine-made paper produced by a group of artists called. Kalighat Paintings is a form of Indian modern art that is inspired by religious and mythological characters as well as civil life. Kalighat paintings, as the name suggests, were created in the Kali Temple area on the ghat (bank) of the Burin Ganga (a canal diverging from the Ganges River) .

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However, the visitors to Kalighat did not want to buy long scrolls which would take a lot of time to paint. These cheap copies have practically killed hand-painted art production as a business and with it the artistic instincts and creative faculty of the painters of Kalighat.

One ,alighat has Elokeshi holding a red flower as the Mahant fans her. Kalighat ArtKalighat Paintings. He highlighted that the traditional art practitioner of Bengal at that time like potters, carpenters and stoneworkers were also involved in making Kalighat paintings apart from patuas. Experts say, that this shift in theme could have been influenced either by the Mughal fascination with fauna or with British, and by extension Western, interest in modern themes.

Women are often represented by trees in Hindu iconography, as they symbolise shelter, fertility, growth and possibility.

Kalighat painting – Wikipedia

This painting is a kalibhat on sexuality and the presence and acceptance of same-sex relationships in Hindu stories and art. A Bengali Baboo with his lover, a common social satire on the habits of nineteenth century Bengali middle-class urban gentlemen.

Although it is obvious kalgihat there would have first been a sketch and an outline and eventually the filling of the motif, it is interesting to learn about the unconventional tools used to make these paintings.


Cheap oleographs of all sorts from Germany and from Bombay now take the field, some of them blatant imitations of Kalighat paintings.

Pets and other animals such as cats, fish, lobsters, prawns, birds etc. According kalighwt Mukul Dey 8 the method of drawing, was very simple and a family affair. Kali embodied Shakti — the female active principle of Hindu philosophy. Each member of the family had a particular task in the creation process, based on sex and age.

Kalighat Paintings: A review

Kalighat painting developed in the midth century in Kolkata formerly Calcutta to illustrate the Hindu gods and goddesses and respond to topical social and political events affecting the local people. Inthe Tarakeshwar murder case 1,5,10 was a public scandal in Calcutta based on an affair between Elokeshi, the young attractive wife of Nabinchandra Banerji and the mahant or chief priest of the Shiva temple at Tarakeshwar.

Other colours would mostly be homemade, being prepared by squeezing different vegetables or by grinding the various stones and earth of different colours. An important achievement of the Kalighat artistes was that they made simple paintings and drawings, which could easily be reproduced by lithography. During s, Shyamakanta Banerjee became famous 1 for wrestling with tigers while performing in circuses. Interestingly enough, both scenes also have one of the subjects seated in a chair, showing the subtle impact of changing lifestyles due to the British presence in India.

Women in Kalighat painting. Baluchari Sari Nakshi kantha Kantha Tant sari. The themes in Kalighat paintings had wide variety. Kalighat paintings were produced with variety of water based, opaque colours on papers.

Kalighat Paintings: A review – The Chitrolekha Journal on Art and Design

They are alone together, a sign that the seduction has begun. By the early 19 th century the Kalighat Temple was a popular destination for local people, pilgrims and certain foreign visitors as well. Room Category Bedroom 12 Apply Bedroom filter. His other interest is to do research on Terracotta architecture of Bengal.


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Initially these kalihhat were concentrated around the temple at Kalighat where there was a demand for religious art. They would generally mix these colours with water and gum and mould them on a round stone with a granite muller. Views Read Edit View history. He also paints light, humorous works, including a series about working in the postal system.

Retrieved from ” https: Nursery 10 Apply Nursery filter. Skip to main content. About Kslighat the people, discover the work, and learn the latest news first. Basement 10 Apply Basement filter.

Artwork Shape Square 5 Apply Square filter. As cheaper wood prints and then machine-printed images became more desirable to tourists visiting Kolkata, Kalighat painting declined.

Nurture discovery and inspire wonder in your students through the power of authentic art, culture, and nature objects! One of the most famous art historians in India, Jyotindra Jain believes that there was no separate community of artists and artisans that were invested in the creation of the Kalighat paintings. Kalighat oaintings are now on exhibit across the globe, right from Britain to Prague to Philadelphia. The earliest form of art in Bengal was done on cloth or patas ,alighat even paper scrolls depicting scenes from Hindu religious epics like the Rama Charita Manas.

In the trial, Nabin was sentenced to life imprisonment and the Mahant was fined and imprisoned for 3 years.