Purpose of this Sloka – This stotra is believed to help us recover stolen or snatched items. The stotra is to be read and then the mantra should. Posted June 5, by meeraghu in Kartivirarjuna Mantra, lyrics, Madhwa Calendar. . For lost items, Karthaveeryarjuna is recommended because, from the. kArtavIrya dvAdashanAma stotram.., Sanskrit text in Unicode Devanagari, other Indian languages, ITRANS and IAST (Roman) encoding as pdf and webpage.

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I went to a local grocery store and the store owner was a Pandit.

karthaveeryarjuna stotram and mantra – A prayer for recovering stolen things

I consider you like a younger brother or son of mine, and hereby sincerely advise you as follows:. I went for an xam after coming back i didnot notice my ear all day neither my friends do as I stay in Hostel. In 6 Dec Thank you for posting this. I got back my money which was refunded by paypal I thank Sri Kartavirarjuna and Goddess Brihadambika for refunding the money.

Will chanting this mantra help me get back my money? Posted by malini on May 10, at 5: In our life we got our lost camera back. Posted by meeraghu on September 16, at 8: Posted by Tara Gopinath on November 24, at Posted by sadhna on October krathaveeryarjuna, at 6: Thanks to Raja Kartivirarjuna. Hi I have misplaced my Little ones gold chain in a purse which also have some important ID cards. As one of the stolen necklaces belongs to your daughter in mantea, I earnestly suggest that you must tell your helpless situation to her now itself.

Also, in some puranas some fragments of his information is available, but that is not at all sufficient to suffice much information.


This is my considered advice. Later both Arjuna and Ravana entered into an treaty of friendship. Pray God you will be answered.

Posted by mala on December 5, at A part of my family hails from Kerala and have known that Goddess Attukal Bhagawati, whose earthy abode is also at Trivandrum, when recalled lovingly and with deep faith, helps you miraculously find lost objects. Times Point Know more. Posted by Vaishali on July 7, at 7: It has always worked for me in recovering lost items. I karthaveeryaruuna chanting the mantra right before sleeping and then waking up and manttra on my morning walk and soon enough I found it on the bath scrubber.

Mantra Power

Whichever way it is viewed, love and affection cannot be won by mantra, prayer or force of any kind. One with smell of bloodOne who wears a garland of bloodKingOne who is to be rememberedone who is desirable, If these twelve names of Kartha veerya are read, Wealth will accumulate therepeople mzntra be under their control, Undesirable things will go far and safety and profit will come near. Please pray sincerely to Godess Araikasu Amman the deity of erstwhile Pudukottai Maharajahs in tamilnadu.

Glad to have come across this shloka.

Posted by meeraghu on October 8, at 9: Hey Kartha Veerya Arjuna, is our marthaveeryarjuna belonging to the Kshatriya race of the clan belonging to the Somavamsha Sahasrarjuna Kshatriya kula race, the one who inherited our continuity of our lineage on earth, till up to this day.

Normally the first thing the attenders do after a tenant vacates a room is to sweep it clea Reply. Where close relatives are involved, tracing and reclaiming becomes all the more difficult, because prestige issue is involved.


A prayer for recovering stolen things

Please can you send me the audio version of this prayer as well I would like to know that the mantra that i am saying is the right way or not. He should elaborate more details. Regards -Randhir randhirpwr gmail.

Posted by Lakshmi mangra June 4, at On a happier note, call it divine response or coincidence, more than a few bodies and pieces were recovered from the Air France mishap. I have searched almost everywhereand could not trace it anywhere.

Its been almost 2 years now. Now i dont have it and she too is not sure if she took it back. God bless you tinu.

So kindly send me in sanskrit. From his guru Sri Dattatreya he attained a part manifestation of Sri Hari. I lost my gold earing which was gifted by my paternal aunt.

What is the best time to chant? Could you please reply with below details?

Lakshmi Mam, If possible do sangalpa seva for 3 days. I am very thankful to kaarthaveeryarjuna for getting my gold. Even if you win back his love, what karthaveeryarjua the assurance that it will be stable?

It happened in conference hall of a very reputed hotel in Gangtok.

Prayer for Recovering Lost Items | Kalpavriksha Kamadhenu

Faith in God and mantras do help but we must also treat the underlying disease instead of just praying. Posted by Premkumar on November 25, at 1: It is therefore desirable to look at one’s palm. On 28th Decnight between 9. Posted by Lakshmi Narayan on October 19, at