Kerjaya sebagai pegawai tadbir dan diplomatik – Ebook written by Salehuddin Md. Dahlan. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android. Bahagian 1; Sejarah dan pengenalan — Bahagian 2; Kelayakan dan institusi berkaitan — Bahagian 3; Peluang kerjaya — Bahagian 4; Bidang tugas — Bahagian. Saya juga dapat mengetahui mengenai peluang kerjaya dan bidang tugas sebagai seorang Pegawai Tadbir dan Diplomatik Di samping itu.

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Kerjaya Sebagai Pegawai Tadbir dan Diplomatik – Wikiwand

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Kerjaya Sebagai Pegawai Tadbir Dan Diplomatik by Sallehuddin Dahlan

Sri Kembangan, Putrajaya, K. Show posts by this member only Post LOL for ur friend not using cable. Once my friend who manage to become PTD asked, what cable he used? Aku penah pegi test ni. Tapi interview aku tolak. I passed the first exam and second stage but unable to attend the interview. PTD memang cepat naik compare to engineer. OO, ok suggest buku ape yg patut aku baca. Komik Pedang Setiawan dan majalah mangga. The first part is only written exam.

You will need to know about malaysia and asean including all those treaties. There’s also a bit of IQ tadbri but it shouldn’t be that hard. Once you passed the first part, later on there will be some fitness test, debating skills, etc. First stage ni okay je TS, no need to worry much, just pray you’ll pass the second and third stage.

Exam also hard to pass. This post has been edited by jesseclane: Baca buku Malaysia Kita Last year pegi exam sy gagal PTD gaji naik cepat. Esei sy bleh jawab je Mayb dlm isu-isu semasa tu sy kurang pengetahuan Math n logical question kena kejar masa PTD life is not that good anyway.


Went few years ago. The hardest is the assessment. Bro, tat’s just normal written exam la: Land where cultural dipoomatik mistaken for renaissance. I got interviewed gred T3 Tukangwhat kind of question ask. Well, ada je org yg berumur lebih 40thn ygh dpt join, diorg start at level U19 or 17 tak silap I, amik part time diplome then masters, lepas je: How long to be M48 and M52 respectively?

There r batches that only took 4. Depends on d cycle if u ask me. Some batches stuck at junior level for long time but once passed 54, they can rose up to a couple of jusa ranks in less than 10yrs time but suffered when they r in 41 aka M3 during their times.

Current practice, u nid to be working in civil service from M41 for 8yrs before u duplomatik get to 48, so, bout 4yrs as 41, 4yrs as Bestine, the capital of Tatooine.

I am a PTD: Boleh tahan la, at least my work’s seasonal, ada time yg bz giler, ada time yg bole balik on time: Seagai ok onot depends on ur lifestyle la: Depends on what u nid. My retired jusa B boss only wears a baju kurung that cost rm60 je ok n bawak bekal for lunch coz she work thru lunch.

Very thrifty type walaupun gaji rm17k during that time. Successor dia, now a jusa A, pakai baju kurunggelang penuh, tudung pun harga beratus. Some staffs clerks pun pakai baju kurung tat cost more tha rm, pakai iphone4 etc. So, cukup ke tak cukup, very subjective.

Everything has its own opportunity cost.

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Balance urself riplomatik Want and Kerajya and u’ll b able to say, gaji saya cukup: Ajaran boss, mesti kena ingat la: P Dah masuk tahun ke7 la, so exam, seriously, dun remember much coz I went for exam in dec Many things have changed, so mmg cannot comment pun. Pegawxi I remember and bagitau pun, all outdated dah: Exam’s normally on issues normally Malaysia that u can update urself from newspapers, current government policies, latest is definitely the GTP and ETP duo la: There’s a paper on Mathematics as well, so bawak calculator, seingat I, mcm boleh pakai but soalan objektif je.

Somewhere indiorg mcm ada introduce psychology test to check if u r suitable to work as a PTD or not. As for now, I dunno what’s happening already since I’ve been thru all those: Yeah, lucky enuf to pass everything in sebbagai try: P Be careful, fail at any stage, kena restart again from exam: That’s very subjective depending on d post that u r in: P details, can’t tell: Well, seriously, I wanted to ask u earlier but since bro hanieyf has asked, I pun malas nak repeat d question.


I seriously dunno what u r referring to. Kalau d latest issue, lembu is linked to nfc, or another animal, ‘snake’ in chinese means, lazing around n tak buat kerja: If the terms lembu tat u r using is because ur fren’s a PTD who did operation work, then I mmg dun have any knowledge coz mmg xpernah buat operation work.

Bro, to be frank, civil servants of all civil service schemes are required to serve the country on a neutral basis. On who to vote for, that one is personal preference, no one can force them to vote for whoever they are pun. I hav both BN and PR supporters frens in d civil service, takde pape pun? Kalau takat office politics, both private n public sector pun ada la: Gomen recruits ptd all d time Too many already lah Anyway,just puji gomen in ur essay,impress them in english essay cos not many r fluent.

Well, to be frank, I’m better off than some of my frens who r in private sector, but am also inferior to some in private sector as well. Again, very subjective depending on a person’s capability.

To get this, u’ll nid to save up ur total leaves to days cannot cuti ya during years in service: May 3 I’m myself in the service: Pbut regret it: I’m really curious guys what on earth is PTD.

Ko betul2 nak gi interview job offer ni ke anif?

Bayangkan, masa dia balik rumah on weekend morning, d child run to his mom and said, “mama, ada org datang melawat”. Can u keruaya imagine d stress that this senior of mine went thru, kerja satu, ni sampai anak pun tak cam ayah dia He got outta Intan transferred to another ministry right before my course finished, met him a few weeks ago, he told me he had a heart bypass 3yrs ago due to work stress. I can guarantee that he’s a clean officer. He has sacrificed a lot to the country, and nvr asked for anything in return.