This review first appeared in the July issue of hi-end hifi magazine High Fidelity of Poland. You can also read this review of the Krell Si in its original . All: Any critiques or recommendations for the Krell Si Integrated? The thing apparently weighs a ton and delivers: Watts into 8 ohm The very first thing that impressed me about this ‘first from China’ Krell (origin unambiguously printed on the rear panel), was the sheer mass of the packed unit .

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The i integrated has been a great little amp for the eternity that Krell has been making it. There are double mono secondary supplies and reservoirs with four pairs of high current output transistors per channel. Mar 22 – 5: One minor defect concerned the screws holding the rear power switch bracket which were loosening on this well 3300i example.

Technically, that is ideal amplifier behaviour and strongly suggests a highly specified power supply and a very robust output stage. Build and finish is very good, like a standard Krell EVOpre-amp. Gwen Stefani’s raspy, retro vocals quickly suck you in as the catchy chorus layers enough Gwen until you have one massively compelling mix. I never thought I would agree with Nancy Reagan on anything but that NAD receiver was the gateway drug to one hell of an addiction.

Krell to me is like McIntosh.

For example, NAD is known as slightly 300o and mellow, “analogue” sounding, yet very powerful for the price. It’s very easy to d impressed by a product like the Si. They started at about in the late 80’s or early 90’s when they started making them and they I believe are still well under My stereo is in the living room of my apartment.

Guitar sounds great krel if electric or acoustic. July 6, – 7: Of the products in my system that I got for my birthday – the NAD integrated amp was one of the most notable components. The physical size and weight 45 lb is about the same as the Bryston 3B-SST, and it has balanced and unbalanced inputs.


With its overall precision, clout and clarity, the Si gains a very creditable 45 marks for irell sound quality. On the solo, I found myself jacking the volume higher and higher thankfully my wife wasn’t home as this type of audio insanity is generally reserved for the theater room and involves a fistful of Balvenie 21 portwood with a few drops of water.

Krell Si Integrated Amplifier Reviewed

It was basically a receiver with a nice remote and enough power w blast the artful music Yngwie J. Surrounded with cheap components and cables, they sounded exactly as described.

The Si is a smooth operator from a company that knows the territory. Jimi legendarily did really have a way with the women even in the late s. The Si seemed to relish diving into the middle of the orchestra plucking out low-level details and timbres with ease. Krell also gets the adjustably illuminated display just right-—readable by human beings, not eagles. May 29, – 8: Everybody will have to on their own.

TESTED: Krell Si Integrated Amplifier | The Absolute Sound

Inspired by my Electric Ladyland Experience, I got up from my living room seating position and headed into my Krrell Pro to find the UK naked chick cover art for the album and returned back to see the ladies of Polydoor Records in London in all of their glory.

My only other question, in comparison to other amps you’ve heard, is it safe to assume the Krell does a very good job at presenting an immersive sound stage? Add in class leading sound quality for power and pricewith a focused, muscular delivery, good clarity and image depth plus tonal neutrality, good dynamics, above average rhythm and timing, plus a stunning dynamic range, and this is a thoroughly recommendable, all purpose design.


My Focal V’s bring another flavor to the party.

Physical Characteristics Width This integrated amplifier is little more than four inches high, but this powerhouse is pure Krell through and through. It loses just a little steam and finesse at keell margins. It sounds significantly better than the very good Bryston amp it replaced. Hi-end devices have clear personalities apparent in either their specific cabinet design, functionality or sound.

On lesser amps, you can lose 300k detail of the organ on this track. From the off there was an open and expressive vitality, a confident reach for dynamic expression, crisply focused definition and confident, assertive control of transient sounds right across the frequency range.

At 43 pounds, it outputs Wpc and doubles that rating into 4 ohms thus likely making the Si the most powerful amp in this price range. The unit is remote controlled and has fully balanced operation for reportedly lower noise. Back in the living room with Crestron in hand, I got down to some serious music. Creek is known as laid back, very detailed, and “british”.

Krell S-300i Integrated Amplifiers

Chesky demo disc but then segues into the luscious ” brown sound ” and big Van Halen, highly produced sound – the kind of sound that has you reaching for the volume control to get more and more of.

I have owned my Krell Si for a number krel years. But remember to bend your knees.

First of all, that power figure seems too rkell. Output impedance averaged a low 0. It is not a bad amp it just does not have the drive and control of the Si.