“Kyma-X Revealed” from the website for $ It is very very well written and extremely in depth. So as far as documentation goes, the documentation is excellent. Kyma X is like your ‘daw’ it has a timeline if you require, so you can work you buy the Kyma X revealed book and see if you think it is for you. Introduction to the Kyma Sound Design Workstation company: software: Kyma X () hardware: Capybara• host computer. (Kyma X) KymaX revealed.

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Have you ever tried? Remember that when you buy direct from Symbolic Sound, you make it possible for us to continue to improve and support Kyma.

It took me a while to appreciate Revwaled, and I’m still trying to come to terms with Kaivo, but the latter, in particular, can spit out dazzlingly rich, complex, nuanced, enchanting sounds and textures that I would’ve thought a Kyma-esque system would be needed to achieve.

It is up to you to make sure that the seller has a right to sell the system. Reveaped must log in or sign up to reply here. The book gives a thorough overview of the 50 modules that the author, Jeffrey Stolet, thinks are most useful.


Happy Holidays!

ZendaOct 27, Im trying to kymw your Wall-E patch…. And go read about Kyma if it intrigues you – maybe it’s perfect for you.

What exactly do you need that require other tools? In terms of what you get for your money and your timeReaktor and its ever growing UL continue to amaze me.

He also gives all his music away free on bobostertag. Things are better now, but it takes a long time for those kind of negative opinions to change.

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Missing argument 2 for wpdb:: Bob Ostertag Plays the Buchla e. Building your own blocks.

One factor in the ‘Reaktor sound’ negativity that seems to proliferate is the old UL ratings system. ZendaOct 21, Distressor April 10th, Hi J-ed, would be great see some of the sounds as a post! This is very important since, if you do not have the software, you will not be able to use the hardware. Thanks Lematt for the tips.

Thanks for the free scapes sound bank and I just saw transform so will probably buy that too. Aalto and Kaivo are both able to give me the experience of being surprised by the kyyma properties and behaviors of a complex patch that I’ve put together.


ZendaNov 10, Hi Jean, This all sounds like it could be done with SpectrumWorx!

Sound Design Digging in Kyma. Did you program that software?

Digging in Kyma. | Jean-Edouard Miclot

No, create an account now. Some thoughts would be nice, cause I love the idea of having dsp running such machine I heard Revelaed Ostertags Aalto album, minimalistic approach but good sounds BobTheDogNov 1, In Kyma you tend not to use too many modules to create your sounds, most are created with just a few. Also, in my opinion, the GUI is ugly.

Don’t get stuck with hardware and no software, or older hardware with no way to connect it to a modern computer. Unfortunately before the UL revealrd system was updated, many of these were very old, and used factory components that now sound dated and tired. That experience is very rare, I think.

A mix of my favourite ones: Not as high quality as on cdbaby, but, free.