Buy La Historiadora Translation by Elizabeth Kostova (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Comitiva de embusteros: una novela de la peste. Buy La historiadora by ELIZABETH KOSTOVA (ISBN: ) from Instantly receive a £20 Gift Card if you’re approved for the Amazon . Exploring her father’s library, a young woman finds an ancient book and a cache of yellowing letters that will plunge her into a quest for the truth.

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The Historian moves like a river, the edges first and last section swirl and spin and blood sucker you into a promising plot, however the centre has a sluggish meander where the waters get a little muddied. One of the interesting things about The Historian is its languorous pacing.

Paul describes this meeting to his daughter in chapter Tentatively, my hand crept towards the mouse. It also bothered me that we never know the name of the narrator.

What dark and unholy specter could be contained in other people’s reviews of Elizabeth Kostova’s The Historian? The actual climax of the novel as our heroes close in on Dracula and his daytime resting place seems rather rushed, ending just all abruptly as if Kostova had opted just to skip overt dramatics, which feels a bit of a cheat, though she does make up for this lack of action with a final pages reversal that is as unsettling as it is quiet.

It was dead and without the risk of ever returning to life, so that no one would ever have to read it again. Obviously if I was a vampire I wouldn’t have to worry about the condition of my soul because that would be long gone, along with worries about iron supplements and dental hygiene. Our narrator is a young girl in her teens traveling through Europe, following the letters of her father from his travels in the s, who is following the letters of his mentor from his travels in the s.


YOu kept getting to the next chapter thinking Allowed to remain, she plunged forward. To view it, click here. At its core this is a book about Drakulya, about his history and his impact on those that knew him and those that have hunted the truth about him for centuries.

The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova

Kostova had me at mysterious book and Dracula. This n This is my favorite book of ALL time from any genre! Or that this letter would be structured as a novel, replete with withheld information, reams of dialogue, internal monologues, telling details, and cliffhangers?

What bothered me most? The other historical events in the book are real ones, carefully researched, although the twentieth-century characters are fictional.

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La Historiadora

Oh, how angry I got when the story finally started getting good, Ms. This has got to be one of the most disappointing books I’ve read in a long time. And for some reason, they all write unbelievably detailed letters. Six hundred and fifty pages of vampires that This novel is better than I had any anticipation of it being. One of the characters even ends up with amnesia. A full speed ahead rich, historical thriller with enough gothic images, cultural folklore, ancient crypts and creaking stairs that it is sure to raise the hair on the back of your neck and no doubt a compulsive, insatiable interest in this age old tale.


Kostova’s historical tracking of the real Vlad Drakulya is flawless and she is able to describe with a chilling, atmospheric eye for detail, the many settings as well as the political climate in which this story unfolds.

The voluminous research is a real turn-off. There should be grand guignol violence. These portions are comprised of letters written by Paul to his daughter. There should be sex, or at least half a million double entendres. Once powerful, he no longer holds any amount of thrall.

If there were negative stars, I would give them to this book. There should be a realization that this material is fundamentally lowbrow, then go even lower but with class. Jeez, Paul, grow up! Along the way he meets dee mysterious Romanian woman also searching for Rossi, a noble Turkish Scholar, various priests and numerous villains.

Pocas veces me suceden estas cosas con un libro largo. Lists with This Book. Please don’t tell me that this book fooled you in any way.

I don’t know why this bothered me so much, but it did.