Product Code: SWC-ADV Description. OnGuard ADV Client Software License includes: OnGuard Client Lenel Software Upgrade & Support Plan brochure. OnGuard ADV Server Software License on DVD Product Code: SWS-ADV The Lenel portfolio is available via Value Added Resellers (VARs) network. OnGuard ADV Client Software License – includes OnGuard Client software licenses for System Administration, Alarm Monitoring, MapDesigner, Communication.

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Up to x resolution. Data in a cache is held a standard 24 hours by the battery. Single-sided; color print Qty Level 2 Print Services per card cost: The longer a person stays in front of xws-adv camera the higher the probability of detection.

The outdoor 7 inch FusionDome offers versatility and camera protection in a compact size; and pressurization. Honeywell s web-based access control offering now provides solutions f installations of any size. High quality displays suitable for all applications.

Supported by power over Ethernet Topaz is packaged with everything you need to get your security. By utilizing the preexisting analog cable; the EOC1N offers savings from a new network cable system installation.

Licence de serveur redondante

The injector may use either the DC12V 1Amp power supply that comes with the Lenel camera or Lenel video server or a rack mounted power source that provides DV12V 1 amp per channel. Customer must provide sample reader; cards and detailed information on the card format and usage for the order to be processed. The camera supports one relay output and one dry contact input and three sector; in-camera motion detection.


Access Control System Access Control System is designed for the places where need for crucial security. The camera supports standard Mbps self-sensing ethernet connection and Built on Tridium s Niagara More information. The region should be orthogonal to the direction objects will cross the region. Resolution up to x at 30 fps that works in low light; down to 4 lux. VGA x resolution at 30 fps.

It is an More information. This service will monitor for these conditions and will send an alarm for each failure to Lenel Alarm Monitoring as well as send an email message detailing the status change.

Minimum order qty cards 4. Gaisano Interpace Price List. Special order required; allow on average work days delivery. Fixed dome with discreet and tamper-resistant indoor casing. Price List Sayuran Harga Sayuran.

It s hard to believe this is ID card software. Only one is needed per OnGuard server. Requires Series 2 Reader interface module. Using the ievo fingerprint reader with Net2 Using the ievo fingerprint reader with How does it work? Each key is lighted by a LED with a different set of numbers every time the keypad is used. Hard Disk Serial Number: Mini Mullion mount in Light Gray with 18inch [ Price List All Pricelist for agrivet supply.

If another format is required; you must order WDG-Custom for lsnel wedge order and provided the sample a sample reader; cards and detailed information on the card format and usage for the order to be processed.


ES System – |

May 21, Provides two way; full duplex audio functionality; analog video out for ceiling mounted camera ; sws-dv alarm inputs and 3 outputs for the AXIS PTZ. Includes Mobile Badging Station client license for use without primary Server connectivity. Servers can be grouped to increase the final capacity of the system. Status changes include hardware that is removed; malfunctions; fails diagnostics; or becomes otherwise disconnected.

Includes hard and drop ceiling mount kit; smoked and clear transparent covers and power supply. T52 1, Users Fingerprint, 1,00, Attendance Records, 2. Using a single database server and a.

Lenel Software – ADV

Servers, Clients Displaying max. In most cases; you will need this license for both your primary and backup standby OnGuard system. The Standing Vehicle solution contains a bundle of advanced mechanisms to deal with the numerous problems usually encountered in an outdoor surveillance scene. Audio AAC with built-in microphone. Compatible with the vast majority of analog cameras in the market. The joystick will not be supported in the web interface of ; and 23xD cameras until the 4.

Some evaluations will be comprehensive and based upon extensive bench-testing; More information. Outdoor housing available for outdoor use. Price List Barang Toko ilmu.