Lusíadas – Luís de Camões | páginas, Porto Editora, (1ed. .. Também é a minha opinião de que este livro é a maior obra da literatura portuguesa de. “Os Lusíadas” é o tipo de livro que nós miúdos temos que aprender na escola, embora este seja muito antiquado () e na verdade, estou muito grata por ser . 2 ago. Camões () é o maior poeta da nossa língua, e Os Lusíadas a sua obra maior. Publicada em , é poema épico em dez cantos.

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Os Lusíadas – Wikipedia

The text itself is clearly the Livroo Gutenberg text copied-and-pasted with one click. It was absolutely amazing read. Just as the gods had divided loyalties during the voyages of Odysseus and Aeneashere Venuswho favors the Portuguese, is opposed by Bacchuswho is here associated with the east and resents the encroachment on his territory.

I assume this to be true because whoever did it made no effort to format it to the page; Page one takes a line to print CANTO I immediately followed by the text, meaning the final line of roughly every fourth stanza – the pusiadas that should end the page – instead landed on the top of the opposite page. Vasco da Gama el llmado a ser el principal de la historia, no tiene mayor notoriedad, no se le describe ni ensalza casi. Read more Read less.

Os Lusíadas by Luís de Camões

Dec 05, Joseph lusiqdas it it was amazing Recommends it for: Atkinson’s translation of the original poem by Luis Vaz de Liivro.

The project that we are doing is like that historic route. Seems to have some correspondences with Sindbad’s tales as far as the marine voyages go and the marrying of the Greek pantheon to the voyages of discovery is a masterful step Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty.

During a sumptuous feast on the Isle of Love, Tethyswho is now the lover of da Gama, prophecies the future of Portuguese exploration and conquest. Each one of these types of speech shows stylistic peculiarities.


So, a very cool book for provoking thought or deep study, but difficult to remain engaged with throughout. An awful lot going on in one tale. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Canoes begins by referencing the Aeneid and goes on to weave both classical mythology and Christian appeals and imagery into his poem, which is nonetheless a good history of DaGama’s first voyage to India around the Cape Of Good Hope.

Os Lusíadas

Get to Know Us. Obras Completas de Machado de Assis I: Not just for references but for the melody. The Lusiads is not an easy read by any means, but it does provide an interesting insight into the self-image of Portugal just as that small Iberian nation was entering what is still called its Golden Age.

In a word, wonderful. Such emphasis on the appearance of Adamastor is intended to contrast with the preceding scenery, which was expressed as: At the very least, Canto Nine should be mandatory reading, particularly Leonard’s lament, which I’ve now read three times over. I am India and my American teammates are Portugal. White has reason to feel satisfaction for his new translation of this ignored classic.

While The Lusiadshis epic poem celebrating Portugal’s maritime exploits, brought him immediate and enduring renown there are more than fifteen translations of the work into Englishhis equally splendorous lyric poetry may hold more appeal for today’s reader. Palavras de ontem ressoam sobre o hoje como o que diz o Velho do Restelo, bairro onde as naus estavam embarcando em sua aventura heroica, o qual faz um apaixonado discurso contra aquela aventura: To better grasp the title given to this review, one must explain the disparities between this edition and others.

I give two stars instead of one simply because this edition does in fact do what it says on the tin. The work celebrates the discovery of a sea route to India by the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama — Jia-Hu books produced the shoddiest of all possible editions nominally in the service of providing the Portuguese texts for those curious to read the original work. Apesar de isso a mim me parecer pancada de obsessivo-compulsivo I agree with the other two reviewers who posted before me.


I also did not miss anything because I was listening to the arguments while my eyes are following the lines in this interesting epic poem. Elmo’s fire, the sighting of the Southern Cross, and many other aspects of da Gama’s extraordinary career.

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He provides an excellent introduction that deftly outlines the theme, the poet, the poem, and the translation. The cover is lusiaadas resistant, the markers are there 2 so you do not have to place the business card that has an important phone number and might get lost.

After the storm, the armada sights Calicut, and Vasco da Gama gives thanks to God.

I also want to add lusjadas of my precious writers of all the times: In contrast to the style of lyric poetry, or “humble verse” ” verso humilde “he is thinking about this exciting tone of oratory.

O piteous lot of man’s uncertain state! He also provides a canto-by-canto summary of the poem.

Os Lusíadas by Luís de Camões (4 star ratings)

It was printed and is mailed to you exactly as it was pasted from some online text. These apparent intrusions into the 17th Century by the figures of Greek and Roman mythology might seem odd to the modern reader but was standard fare for the Renaissance. There’s a good introduction, but not a footnote in the whole thing. It is portrayed as a paradise.